You wonder, why are some people so loved, cared for, sort after (attention), always needed? and you want or wish to be like them but don’t know what you are suppose to do. In my opinion, most of the time, most people are born with the gift but you can develop being liked by people.

I have just one sibling and he is a boy. Though he loves to have fun but the way he is sort after, it is unimaginable when he not even famous. He is so love and cared for by his friends so much that they extend their love and care to me, my mum and my dad. Not that I don’t have friends, I can stay a week without being sort after but it doesn’t bother me so much.


You need to understand that not everyone will like you and not everyone will hate you. You can do the required things for people to like you but when you feel they still don’t like you, it can make you feel less worthy and bring you emotionally down. You need to be aware that in doing things for people to like you, you still might not be liked because people are different and people can change. You can do something for someone because you think the person will like what you are doing but that person can change to not liking that thing again to even hating it and you can also do something for someone thinking because you like that thing, the other person will love but that person actually hates that thing including people that presents such things to that person.

Problem of wanting to be liked by people

In wanting to be liked, there a some detrimental effects that I need you to be aware of. Wanting to be liked, can be read negatively by the society. You might be seen as someone with low self esteem and you might begin to have a bad reputation because it can be labelled as an attention seeker and when this happens, you lose respect from people because most of the time people who seek for attention in the wrong way are being left alone and you don’t want that for your self when you are trying to be liked.

How to get people to like you

Even if getting people to like you, has its negative effects, there are intelligent ways that you can get people to like and sort you after without being seen or perceived negatively.

Check if people like you or not and find the reason: To get people to like you, you first need to know if you are already been liked by people or hated by people or non. If you are already being like by people, there is no point in trying to be liked but you can know the reason so as to continue to do them so as to continue to be liked. If you are hated by people, know the reason, change them if you can but if you can’t, let it be.

Understand and not judge: Judge people less, be understanding. If you don’t like what they are doing, advice them instead of judging them because judging people will make people hate you more and put them off.

Like them and show care without needing them to return the favour: Show them love and care, be around when they are in need of help without expecting them to return the favour. Most people like to be around helpful people and they sort after them. My brother is nice and helpful to people and he doesn’t care if they do the same and that is probably why they seek and sort him and also return the favour when he doesn’t even ask for help. If you don’t need people to return the favour, they will respect you more and love you more. Next time when you are in need of help, they will be there without you calling them for help.

Gather with them: Once in a while, pick time to be in people’s midst. Have fun with them, contribute to their discussions. It makes you feel relevant and to them, they will recognize you as one of them.

Do your work: Especially in a place of work, people like hard working people. People that get their work done. You don’t call a lazy person to do a job for you. You call a hardworking person. Play your part very well and people will start liking you and calling you

Sometimes, when you do these things, you might not see results immediately. It is frequently doing them over time and people will begin to notice your actions and put you in mind. While sometimes, you will see results immediately.


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