Be a Good Person

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Because of the majority of the unbearable lifestyle of people, we get carried away from being a good person. There are also sometimes, we drift from being a good person unknowingly without being affected by anything. Have been in situations, whereby have been corrected from my bad actions that if I was conscious of those actions, I wouldn’t do them. They are actions, I won’t think of doing. We get carried away by peer pressure, when you see a lot of people doing something (A bad thing), you think it is normal and then you join them in doing the same thing. What I mean by my first sentence of this post is that when you see a lot of people doing evil, it can upset to you to the point of you changing from being nice, to being mean even to people that are not evil. I have a friend that has had uncountable bad encounter from friends, family and colleagues and because of these bad encounters, it has really affected her relationship with people that later came into her life that were nice and good. She either over reacts or make them feel like she doesn’t need them in her life. Bad experiences can drift us from being nice to being mean

Difficulty of being good

Being a good person is difficult when you look around you and all you see is bad people not appreciating your good effort. It can be really devastating. In my opinion, based on the societal construct, i.e what I perceive concerning being a good person from the society view, can be unnecessary because when you are doing good but receiving bad, it can make you think of your self as stupid and because of this, we are at greater risk of doing bad and evil.

Advantages of being good 

Even because of the majority of bad people that there are, anyone who does good is one that will be shown respect, recognition, attention, love and care. You wouldn’t want to think of caring for a bad person. A good person gets good reward. What you sow is what you will reap. In my post titled human nature, I wrote “You sow just one mango seed and you reap a mango tree with lots of mangoes on it.” If you sow just one mango seed and you reap a mango tree with lots of mangoes on it, you can imagine what sowing a bad behaviour can give to you and sowing a good behaviour can give to you. Do good reap great. Do bad reap evil.

When I went through a hurtful break up that took me a year and half to recover which could have turned me intro a monster, I didn’t let that happen to me. I decided to improve on myself instead and be a better person. That action I made, got me a lot of attention and love from men I could never imagine will show me love, care and attention. If I had turned into a monster, people would have been running away from me.

Irrespective of wherever you find yourself, whatever had happened to you in the past, who your friends, family are, or strangers are, always endevour to do good. If you use your past experiences and other things, to define you being good, you are putting yourself at greater risk than you are putting others.


When doing good, don’t push it in people’s faces, trying to make them see you as their god because you are doing good. Be happy doing good without expecting a return favour. In my post titled how to be liked by people,I expatiated on not expecting return favours.

Be conscious of your actions, look forward to being good and be good.



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