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When we fail, we tell ourselves but I did everything required for me to succeed and you begin to make yourself feel like you are not capable of succeeding and that’s why you didn’t succeed. What we fail to do is understand the reasons we failed and going back to check what we did wrongly instead of concluding we are not good enough. Our main problem of failure is not going back to check why we failed. Failure is good when you use it appropriately but detrimental to us when we don’t use it appropriately. One of the ways to use your failures appropriately is to know the reasons you failed and correct them accordingly. Failure is inevitable when you need to be successful. The way you plan to be successful, is the same way you should plan to avoid failures. Because failure is inevitable when you need to be successful which is why you should plan to avoid failures to be a great entrepreneur, you’ll need to know the reasons why failure happens.

Reasons we fail

Fear of failing: Because we are scared of failing because of the negative comments and embarrassed feelings that might arise, we resist from trying to succeed in which that has already made us failed, fail to succeed and fail to learn because we also learn from failing. Fear of failing is the problem majority of people that are eager to succeed face. Don’t be scared to fail, you are learning while failing, don’t let negative comments affect you negatively and also affect your progress in life.

Lack of believe in one’s self: We fail because we have already told ourself that we can’t do it. Believing yourself that you can do it and you are capable of doing all things, will drive you to success. There was an examination I took for a company so as to be a consultant in that company. Before I took the exam, I told myself I am not going to take the examination because I know I can’t make it because their exams are difficult but I was forced to take the exam. I failed the exam but I got an experience to know the kind of questions that are likely to come out next time. Because of the confidence I had already gained from the last exam, I decided to take the next exam. This time, I didn’t fail woefully but I wasn’t selected. Though I wasn’t happy I wasn’t taken but the experience I got from taking those exams gave me joy. I got faster at reading and understood English language and mathematics better which I can use in other aspects of life. Never think of yourself as not capable because you will lose a lot of opportunities like the one I was going to miss if I wasn’t forced.

Lack of patience: Cultivate the habit of patience, lack of patience can stop you from trying to succeed. When you expect your good result but it isn’t coming yet, it can be very devastating and can lead to lack of concentration and results in failing.

We didn’t try enough to succeed: We just might not have put in the required efforts to succeed because we are either too busy, lazy, procrastinating. Putting the required effort to succeed and you will succeed. Procrastination severely causes harm to our success. Read my post titled wait and watch time go for more knowledge on procrastination. Lack of motivation: Sometimes we need motivation to succeed as it puts us on our steering to move.

Moving with the wrong company: Bad company will lead to bad advice towards your progress to success which will eventually cause you to fail. Always move with the right company for better progress.

Hibernating on past failures: Not yet moved on from past mistake can bring your moral to succeed down. It can make you feel like you will make that same mistake or another one again. Endevour to move on from the previous mistakes and know that without failure, success cannot exist. Read my post on how to let go of the past to move on from past mistakes

Lack of self discipline: In my post titled the #1 secret to success, I wrote “The #1 attitude to success is self discipline. Success and self discipline are like humans and air. The way humans cannot live without air is the same way success cannot exist without self discipline. Whatever you want to do be it little or big, you cannot do without self discipline. As little as taking your bath, you need to be self disciplined.” Never lack self discipline because lacking self discipline is the number route to undoubted failure.





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