3 Main Difficulties in Self Improvement

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In my opinion, self improvement is widely irrelevant and treated with disregard or disrespect. People don’t value for self improvement. People are busy chasing money, marriage, children, material things, examinations e.t.c but what they don’t understand is that when you chase self development, these things will chase you instead i.e you don’t have to worry about getting these things, they will be waiting for you at your door step.

The difficulty in self improvement is the fact that it is widely irrelevant and treated with disregard or disrespect. When something is already treated with disregard, it will be difficult for people to notice the value i.e, the value in self improvement will not be seen. You can ask anyone that what are the values of self improvement and they will just be starring at you like a lost dog. They might know the definition of self improvement but when you don’t know the values, it means you don’t know anything about self improvement. Because self improvement is not widely recognized on its own, people don’t even have the opportunity of knowing the values. I will say there should be no reason at all why self improvement should not be the most important or the first in our agenda because every aspect of our life needs self improvement as frequent as possible.

Wrong advice and attitude towards self improvement is another difficulty in self improvement. You can be motivated by anyone but making sure you are getting the right motivation is where the problem is. In my post titled be a self motivator, I wrote “You can walk up to anybody right now, tell them about your problem to get some advice and you’ll see how different advises will rush down their mouth like a running tap water. But put them in that same situation you find your self in and see them looking like a lug of wood.” Being able to be advised properly, intelligently and correctly is difficult to get these days as advice is being thrown anyhow. Another issue is the wrong attitude to self improvement. Some people take complete wrong actions towards self improvement. Some keep malice and call that self improvement for the purpose of staying happy, some go into bad jobs or work excessively so they have excess money to spend on themselves or spoil themselves for the purpose of self love. When you are adviced properly, you will take the right actions towards self improvement.

Patience: When you lack patience, self improvement will seem like rocket science. Not getting immediate result can be devastating. One needs to exercise patience for better results of self improvement.

We should adhere to these problems so self improvement can be represented and rated highly so we can benefit from the values of it.

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