What is a vast? A vast is something that is great, a lot, huge or immense and kindle which is to inspire or arouse. To kindle your vast, is to arouse your greatness. Do you believe you have a vast? I believe we all have a vast. Apart from always having a positive mindset so as to attract positive things to your life, I will prove to you we all have a vast (Greatness) using one of my poems titled past, present, future. Why do I need to prove we all have greatness? Because some have doubt that they are great or have greatness. To kindle your greatness, you have to be aware you have greatness.

“Our future will eventually be our present
Our present will eventually be our past
Our past will be our history
Our future is our history
Since you can plan for the future, then you can make history
If the present is a gift, and human gift is a talent,
Then use your talent, plan your future so you can open your present, have a proud past and make history.”

Line 6 of the poem proves that we all have a vast (Greatness). We are all entitled to the present and the present is a gift in which a gift is talent and the talent is our greatness. When last did you kindle your talent? We all have a gift that has been given to us that we need to kindle. To discover your gift or talent and discover yourself, read my post on how to have an ambition or set a goal and the power of self discovery respectively. To kindle yourself, is to have complete control over yourself i.e being lead by yourself and not others while to kindle your vast, will allow you to have total control over your greatness and not others controlling your greatness. My aim is not to scare you but to lead you to achieve greatness but if you are not kindling your vast, then you are kindling the opposite which will lead to pain.

You are given a present, which is your gift that is your talent and one way to kindle your vast, is to use your vast. If you don’t use your vast, others will use it for you and take the reward in their name. You are a vast and you are in the vast its self because you are living in the present. When you are given a wrapped present, you act by unwrapping the present for your good. The present is typically waiting for you to unwrap it. Unwrap your present for your happiness. I am delighted, to have been able to prove to you that we all have a vast within us that should be kindled.


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