Live in your own Dreams


Of course, dreams here are not nightmares but goals, ambitions to be achieved. Some have goals and ambitions, some are struggling to have goals and ambitions while some don’t care if they have or not but if you happen to fall in any of the categories, you can read my post on how to have an ambition or set a goal. To live in your dreams, is to live in your reality. To live in your reality, you have to make your dreams become reality. Because some of us find it difficult to create realities because of procrastination, lack of self discipline, bad situations, lack of contentment, lack of motivation, and other obstacles that we are likely to face in creating our own reality will make us to live in other people’s dreams.

Creating your reality is unavoidable because without having a reality, you will be stranded in the world and that will lead you to no option but to live in other people’s dreams which is awful and dangerous. To create your reality, my post titled steps in solving any problem.

The problem with living other people’s dreams is that you can get lost in their reality because you are not in control of your self. Living in other people’s dreams can mean a lot of things. It can mean you not having total control of yourself or you being taken for an advantage and you can forget about making your dreams become reality. Living in other people’s dreams is not awful and dangerous but it becomes awful and dangerous when you get lost or forget about your own dream. Steve jobs, created his own reality by developing the iPhone that we all use today to communicate, transfer information easily with other great features. We live in his own reality by using his development. But the moment we get addicted by his development or because we are too materialistic and have to buy his iPhone will make living in other people’s dreams awful and dangerous. Live your drams and create your reality to be happy and great.




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