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Majority of people, when you ask them what is the #1 secret to power, they will probably say having money, having a lot of material things, being proud or treating others badly. That is the mindset of majority of people for getting power. But what about those that want power but don’t want to act offensive or act badly? Is it possible to be powerful or have power without being offensive or act badly? Yes it possible!. Power is something everyone would love to have. People try to get power in different ways and most of the time, is in bad ways but there’s one good way you can be powerful without getting your hands dirty i.e getting power the bad way. The good way to get powerful or have power is to have the ability to change. When you have the ability to change you are powerful. Though adapting to change can be a bit difficult sometimes but it is a means that can get you powerful and you cannot but avoid to learn or adapt to change if you want to be powerful or have power. Having the ability to adapt to change allows you to have control over your life and other things around you.

Change can change your financial status, relationship, food, shelter, thinking, emotional health, mental health, physical health for good leading to greatness. Learning to adapt to good change obviously can strengthen your mindset for tough situations and tough times make strong and great men. When you over come tough situations with your ability to change, you become great and powerful. Because having total control of yourself requires you to improve on yourself frequently, you will need to learn to adapt to change. To improve on something is also to change and because of this, with change, you can have total control of yourself and your surroundings. With change, you get respect, excellent comments, recognition and rated highly and by having these things, you already have power.

The thing about change is that you cannot do without it. If you can’t adapt to change, you maybe putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation. The good thing about those that can adapt to change easily is that they get power or powerful just at the tip of their fingers and sometimes unknowingly. Though change is difficult but the choice is yours for you to make it undifficult to get power or powerful.



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