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The reason most of us are backward with our financial, social, emotional, mental life e.t.c is because we probably think if we change, we might be seen or labelled as inconsistent and not reliable. If you know the power in change, to be labelled as inconsistent and unreliable will be gibberish talks to you. To be concerned about being labelled as inconsistent or unreliable is not wrong but allowing the concern overcome you changing is when there is a problem. Knowing the power in change is not enough but knowing that change it’s self is power is great. In my post titled the #1 secret to power, I explained why change is the secret to power which is in paragraph 2, I wrote “Change can change your financial status, relationship, food, shelter, thinking, emotional health, mental health, physical health for good leading to greatness.

Learning to adapt to good change obviously can strengthen your mindset for tough situations and tough times make strong and great men. When you over come tough situations with your ability to change, you become great and powerful.” but I needed to write further on the article by explaining how powerful change is. To get to lane B from lane A, you will have to change lanes i.e changing from lane A to lane B. Because changing from lane A to lane B is moving to a better lane, with change, you are moving to a better place in your life.

We are change its self. How are we change? We change in age. We are not what we were yesterday, not going to be what we are today tomorrow. If you are not willing to change, you are willing to die. With change, you are living your life to the fullest and enjoying the beautiful things of life. There are some that when you present change to them, it is a war you are giving to them. People don’t want to be different but like to be different. People love their comfort zone but want great things. With change, you are always going to be moving to a better place. To be great, you have to be ready to change. You obviously will not want to or wish to change from where you are now to a lesser place and that is the power of change. Change is greatness, change is life. Nothing should hold you back from changing always. Change is constant, inevitable (Unavoidable). With change, you are in control of your life and your surrounding.

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