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Success comes with a lot of challenges in which 75% of its challenges is fear. There are some other common challenges that are not fearful but keeps us from achieving success which are laziness, procrastination, lack of self discipline, lack of self believe e.t.c. To overcome these other common challenges, hover and click on them (The blue links). In a conversations with a friend, I asked her “Why haven’t you started anything of your own so you can be successful?” She answered “What if I don’t succeed? People will laugh” I was amazed! Guess what I did? I laughed at her. She asked me “Why did I laugh at me?” I told her because she hasn’t started anything yet. Then I told her if I could be laughing at you because you haven’t started anything yet, can you imagine the number of people that might be laughing at you right now? She felt ashamed. The fear of not succeeding is accompanied with the fear of your work not being liked. Who says everyone likes you now that you are not a success? But if they don’t like you, why should you care or worry about such unnecessary and backward shit?

Success it’s self can be fearful because of how great is seems which can cause anxiety. To avoid anxiety, read post titled 6 attitudes to avoid anxiety. Most of the time, like I would do in the past, we avoid these fears just to feel relaxed in our comfort zone. What we fail to know is that not facing or fearing your fears is an opened door to limiting our progress or not achieving anything. Face your fears to the point that your fears will fear you. If you don’t try, how will your know? If you don’t fail, how will you succeed? Failure and success work together. Read my post of 7 reasons we fail backwards to understand failure better.

How to fear your fears

Use your fears as a means of being courageous: When you use your fears as a means of being courageous, your fears will be fearful to fear you. Just being simply courageous is a means of using your fears as a means of being courageous. When you are courageous, what is the worst that can happen? The best is what will actually happen when you are courageous which is, you will succeed and be a better person by learning.

See your fears as a source of positivity: You are at the receiving end rather than the losing end when you fear your fears. Few times when I encounter problems, I smile because I know that after dealing with these problem, I am going to be better than what I was before whether I lose or win. According to the popular saying, “hard times make strong men”. You need your fears. Your fears are your stepping stones.

Understand that your fears are not strange. What keeps us from facing our fears sometimes is because we think our fears are strange or abnormal and we would look or feel weird when we come out to express our feelings. You might be surprise that you are not the only one going through such a thing or some are going through worse and they wouldn’t mind to be in your own situation and that’s why we should be grateful wherever we find ourselves. Open up, express yourself, you could be an inspiration to others.



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