Never Define Your Future by Your Failures

Girl, Woman, Depression

It will be difficult to contradict that in moving forward in life, you will be tempted to use your past failures to judge how your future will be. If you have had a lot of bad relationship experiences, you will be discouraged to get into another relationship. If you have taken a lot of exams and you failed all, you will be discouraged to take another exam. Using your past failures to define your future can be clinging and difficult to avoid. I believe most people use their past failure to define their future and that’s why we have a lot of sad people. The good thing about having a lot of past failures is that you are always going to be better than what you were before the previous failure. Its because we don’t know the importance of failing is the reason behind our present failures. You might find this link to one of my posts useful 7 reasons we fail backwards to know the importance of failing and how to use failures positively. With this link, handling failures will be at the tip of your fingers.

If the people that made history allowed their pasts to define their future, their names will not be heard today. It is how you handled your failures that will determine how your future will be. Hibernating on past failures can make you make the same mistake everytime. If you allow yourself not to hibernate on past failures and let things go, you will make better decisions. One thing we tend to think about that pulls us back from success is thinking we are failures because we have had a lot of past failures. You become a failure when you allow your failures to define you negatively. I read a quote that stated that “Success is failure turned upside down” Having a lot of failures means having a lot of achievements. Failures means you are growing. Embrace failures because you need them to be a better person.

One way not to let your failures define your future is by letting go of the past. We rely or hibernate on the past failure a lot which allows us to judge our future by our past failures. Because a lot of people don’t take self improvement importantly is the reason we have people relying and hibernating on their past failure which causes life backwardness. To get enlightened about self improvement, read my post titled 3 main difficulties in self improvement. Though we wish to let go of the past but somehow it creeps in. Learning to let go of the past is something you will not be able to do without to have a better future. Read my post on how to let go of the past to better your future. Because your future is determined by what you make your present to be, if you use your past failures to determine your future, you shouldn’t be expecting yourself to pass in the future. You should understand that no one is perfect and no one is above mistakes. Don’t let your past ruin your future but rather let your failures brighten your future.


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