Early Morning Self-Care & Success

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Early morning self care entails praying, taking your bath, brushing your teeth, wearing a comfortable cloth and eating break fast (A light food because that is what is suitable for a breakfast and you don’t want to eat something heavy so you don’t sleep off when you are just about to start working) and any other early morning self care ritual. We struggle through the ups and downs of success. We frequently seek ways to make the downs of success become easy to pass through. Some of us have personal ways in which we make the difficulties of success easy for us. One of the ways I make the difficulties of success easy for me is practicing early morning self care. Some of us have the habit of waking up in the morning without self care and starting the day’s work. We probably feel our work is more important than the early morning self care. We feel that our work should be more priority over the early morning self care because if we don’t deliver our work, we won’t have money. Putting your work before your early morning self care will be causing you a lot of disadvantages for your work. I am always at a disadvantage when I put my early morning self care after the day’s work. I believe you are eager to know the advantages of early morning self care before work.

Advantages of early morning self care for success

Inspiration (Ideas): Early morning self care opens the mind for ideas to come faster and better for your work. Writing a post in most days without early morning self care is always very difficult for me because I tend to lack ideas but in most days with early morning self care, I can post 3 articles without any difficulties. If your work is the type that requires you to come up with new ideas frequently (Writing, Programming e.t.c), you will need to practice early morning self care.

Productivity: Getting your work done faster and better is obviously one of your targets when you want to be successful in which early morning self care boosts productivity i.e it makes you get your work done faster and better. You will also be able to work longer and achieve more.

Readiness: Early morning self care improves readiness for work. You will be more alert, feel fresh and ready to start the day’s work. Being ready to work is one of the difficulties of success which is sometimes caused by laziness. Early morning self care reduces laziness. Like I wrote earlier, it opens your mind in which that will reduce fatigue which can cause laziness and it will make you feel energized.


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