Here’s why Competing is the Beginning of Losing

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We want to be more complimented, more recognized, more important than others and for these reasons, we compete like our lives depend on it. We only look at the rewards of competing but fail to realize the risks of competing. If you compare the rewards and risks of competing, you will begin to realize that competing with others has no rewards at all. Irrespective of knowing the risks of competing, competing can be very addictive because of what you feel you might get when you win the competition. After reading and analyzing the statement below by Og Mandino’s, I was able to deduce that competing is the beginning of losing. Why? The statement states life is a game that no one loses but I’ll write that life is no game at all and because it is no game at all, if you compete, you will be at a great loss

“I am convinced”, Zacchaeus said, “that life is just a game, here on Earth, a game where no one need be a loser, no matter what his plight or condition may be. I believe that everyone can enjoy the fruits of victory but I am equally as certain that, like all other games one cannot participate in this mysterious act of living with any hope of satisfaction unless one understands a few simple rules.” – Og Mandino’s. (The Greatest Success in the World)

In one of my posts titled don’t compare yourself with others, I wrote “You don’t know how another man’s food is prepared”. Not knowing how another man’s food is prepared is why life is not a game for competition. You don’t know the ingredients that was used in preparing the food or if the food was prepared in a tidy environment and that is why you should not  compare your food with another’s? You definitely won’t get any valid result in that kind of competition which if you compete, you will be a loser to yourself and to the other person. In one of my poems titled be yourself, I wrote “We are all arts and every art in the museum has it’s unique beauty”. In science, no human being is the same as another proven that we all have different DNA’s. How are you suppose to compete with someone that is completely different from you? We are not suppose to compete with one another. The rewards you feel you get when you compete with another is not an achievement that is to be recognized. Thus if you compete, you are a loser to yourself and to others.

I have been able to give 3 solid reasons competing will make you a loser to yourself and to others. Which are:

  • Life is not a game
  • We don’t know how another man’s food is prepared
  • We are unique

Sometimes,we are the creator of our own problems because of the decisions we make and actions we take. The three reasons I gave are enough for you to make yourself stop competing. The rewards you feel you will get from competing are risks instead. If you have been following this article properly I want assume that you should know that if you compete, you will not have a happy life. If these are the problems that will exist if you compete, you will live is sadness. Help yourself by not competing and live happily.


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