Group of People Having Fun Together Under the Sun

Because we stop learning the moment we die, because no one is perfect, because no one is above mistakes, because we learn every sec, min, hour, day, month, year, this article is for all. These few life tips are some you might already know or not know but either ways, it shouldn’t stop you from gaining one or more life tips.

Happiness is an inside job: Happiness starts from you not from me to you. I can only do little concerning your happiness. You know yourself better that anyone would and you act yourself better than anyone would. Don’t put your happiness in the hands of another because no one really cares for you more that the way you will care for yourself.

Set life goals: Setting goals keeps you alive. Its a way of finding yourself, knowing your potentials. It helps you to be a better person by making you improve on your potentials. Doing this will make you feel achieved which brings self pride and happiness.

Silence is power: In my post tiled silence, I wrote silence can make you feel like a king or a queen without even noticing. Why? Because you ignore silence like a conqueror. With silence, you are more intelligent, you will make better decisions and you will gain more respect and good recognition. In my post titled the life styles of a person, I gave points on what you gain when you are a peaceful person. Which are you worry-less, you are more likely to succeed, you will be happier and you will observe more. When you use silence correctly, you will be rewarded with those points.

Forgiving is better that hating: It is easier to detest someone when they hurt you but difficult to forgive. When you are found in any situation that requires to choose between hate or forgiveness, do not hesitate to choose forgiveness because hating causes more harm to you than the other person but forgiving causes more peace to you that the other person. Hating is harmful while forgiving is peaceful.

Never stop loving: We live in a cruel world which can not only stop us from loving but making us a monster to ourself and others. We are faced with more hate than love but this should not make us stop showing love. People actually forget that they need love. You can be one of the few that will never stop showing loving to have a better life and live healthily amongst others. Endeavour to always be kind. In my post tiled be a good person, you’ll find the advantages of showing kindness.




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