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The ants are widely known for a behavior which is to be hardworking and while the dogs are known for waking up easily by just a little sound. When you hear the sound (Remember or think) of your dreams, you should wake up like a dog. Tick tock, day by day, month by month, you must not stop moving. The efforts you have put in is never enough until you have gotten the result. Don’t work and wait for the result but instead work, keep working until the result is out for a better result. There are a lot we can learn from the ants to be successful. The ants have a good communication skill, they work better in groups e.t.c. In one of my posts titled ants, I wrote “Ants are born leaders, they keep going to get what they want irrespective of the situation of their environment” You can read the post to know the reason I made the quote. The ants are brave, have a good relationship skill and adapt to their surroundings easily. Have the behaviour of an ant and watch your success come to you faster than you expect. We are sluggish with our goals but we need them to come faster. We remember our goals but then we don’t take immediate actions. We don’t wake up when we remember our goals which is not good enough. Read my post titled early morning self care & success to help you wake up like a sleeping dog that just hears a light sound.

Success is just like happiness because they are both an inside job. It starts from within. Only you can make it happen for yourself. You have to have self drive and be a self motivator. To be a self motivator, read my post on be a self motivator. Cultivating self drive and self discipline cannot be avoided in achieving success. If you know anyone that works like a sloth (A lazy animal) and sleeps like a koalas (A koalas sleeps 22hours a day) and wants to successful then it’s high time you alert that someone telling them that it is not possible. Don’t deceive yourself for success’ sake. Have realized that what does kind of people don’t understand is that success will not come without working. They assume the little hours they left for work in which they end up not using it to work will eventually result in success. They unknowingly live on luck which is why I wrote that if you know any anyone that works like a sloth (A lazy animal) and sleeps like a koalas (A koalas sleeps 22hours a day) and wants to successful then it’s high time you “alert” that someone telling them that it is not possible. Except you begin to start driving your vehicle before you get your result. Your destiny is your destination which is your dream while driving the vehicle is your hardwork. If you don’t start the car to drive to your destination, you will not get your destiny which is your dream. I believe we all want to get to our destinies and if that is so, we must not hesitate to drive our vehicles. Read my post titled it is not impossible to get more motivated


  1. Priscilla, you write a nice blog. This one on the work ethic, motivation-drive, and skill of ants is just great–very clever and well thought out.


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