Life is Cheerful Giver, Life is fair

Woman and Boy at Grass Field

It is very understandable that life has it’s down’s. When we are in the down side of life, we are uncontrollable to say that life isn’t fair. The down’s of life sometimes make us feel life isn’t good at all which make some going to the extent of committing suicide. When we are in the up’s of life, we don’t think or remember that life has it’s down’s. If you have to be in a bad situation before you say that life isn’t fair then you aren’t fair to your self not that life isn’t fair. If you have to say that life isn’t fair then say it irrespective of being in a bad situation or a good situation. If you make life a game, life will play you and win. According to the popular phrase, “Call a spade a spade”. You cannot cheat life. There’s a phrase, you reap what you sow. In reality, we reap more that what we sow. In my post titled human nature, I wrote “You sow just one mango seed and you reap a mango tree with lots of mangoes”. With the mango tree, you can also have a shade to relax. Life is more than fair. Life is a cheerful giver. In my post titled life? difficult or simple?, I wrote, “For those that think life is difficult, it only shows your level of self discovery and self development is low.” With life, you have to be mentally strong because if you are not careful, when the good comes, you will call it bad and the opportunity will pass you by. If you are mentally strong, when you see bad, you will call it good. Some people were born with a silver spoon but they will tell you what they don’t have is not enough to make them succeed while some are born on the street and they will succeed. The difference between these two is just how strong their mind is.

Experience they say is a teacher but to make life more fair, you don’t have to wait for experience to teach you before you can learn. You can make your own life experiences by teaching yourself. That way, your life experiences will always be a good one and one to always look forward to. According to the popular phrase, “Every disappointment is a blessing”. If you start to look at disappointments as blessings, you will begin to get appointments. If you still think life isn’t fair, you are chasing away the good things of life from you.

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