Share your Success’ Secret for Success

person standing behind sunflower

If you fail, I fail and for this reason, sharing your success’ secret is something you will not be able to do without. People don’t share their secrets because of just these crazy reasons which are, they will be better than me and they will be like me which will make you unimportant. Because we have different DNA’s, we are unique which means, I cannot be like you and I cannot be better than you. You are worried over unrealistic things, giving yourself unnecessary stress. Hiding your secret will not make you the best but the worst, it will not make you the important but irrelevant.

If you want to pick something from the ground, you rise with picking that thing up. When you are helping people, you are helping yourself too. According to a Nigerian R’n’B singer, he said “We rise by lifting others”. If I have what you need and I don’t give you, how will you feel? Bad right?. That’s how another person will feel when you don’t help them when you can. You might be successful now but needing me to help you tomorrow. Do me favour now and I might do you a favour tomorrow. In my post titled family, I wrote “There is an unseen connection between me and you. When your network connection is bad you almost cannot do anything on that phone, laptop or gadget. You try all possible means in getting a good network and that’s why we should be good to one another“. You are not successful by your own efforts alone. If the other efforts you had were not available, there would be no difference between you and the person on the ground. If the efforts were not there to pick you up, you will be devastated. A lot of people out there need it your success secret. You might be able to touch thousands of people. Imagine raising up thousands or more people? That’s enough success for you. Those thousands of people will always remember you tomorrow. As I was writing this post, I was able to gain from my own write up while advising you. It occurred to me that I needed to help more people to be “more” successful. Because I’m trying to raise others, have been able to raise myself. Choose to share your success secret today for the sake of yourself and others.



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