woman holding white and black coffee cup

When you take pride from what you gave someone, is like you never gave that thing at all because you are taking back what you gave that person through disrespecting the person. If you knew the disadvantages of giving disrespectfully, I bet you wouldn’t do it at all. We give disrespectfully thinking it gives us a very high rating image that commands respect. Most of us give for this reason in which if you do such, I advice you abstain from it because of its bad effects. Which will you accept? 10million dollars given to you in disrespect and in arrogance or 2million dollars given to you joyfully? One of the reasons you might want to choose the first option is for the sake of the condition you are probably in. Even if you are given something joyfully and later the person that gave you that thing starts disrespecting you because of what he gave you, you will want to return that thing or return it. No one likes to be disrespected, not even you that disrespects people.

You might think you are getting respect when you give respectfully but in reality, they smile at you and laugh behind you or gossip about you. One of the purpose of giving is that someday when we are in need too, we would receive from others. How do you expect to receive when you are in need after giving disrespectfully? You lose out on great opportunities when you give in disrespect and arrogance. You lose your friends, family and even new people that might want to be in your life because of what they have heard about you. You definitely will not take anything from one that gives disrespectfully. I will not take anything from such a person because I don’t want to be brought down which is why you and I should not give disrespectfully but joyfully and cheerfully. The danger in giving disrespectfully is that you are most likely going to lose all what you have because it is not by your own power you have the things you have but the power of the Almighty God.

The joy about giving joyfully is that, when you open your arms to give, you cannot close that arm emptily but rather you will receive bigger than what you gave.  In my post titled human nature, I wrote “Life is a cheerful giver, you sow just one mango seed and you reap a mango tree with lots of mangoes on it”. You can also use the mango tree as a shade to relax. From the statement, you gave out a mango seed and received more than what you gave out. Imagine not only giving but giving cheerfully. What you will receive will be beyond your imaginations. When you give joyfully, all the disadvantages of giving disrespectfully will be the reverse. You will be happier and live peacefully when you give joyfully.


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