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The past like we all know was part of our lives and because it was part of our lives and our actions, it makes us think our past defines who they are or our future. Learn how to define yourself in this link. 3 ways to define your life values. We carry all the burdens of the past into the future, making our future a place not to wish to go. Because we haven’t healed from our past, we are more likely going to commit suicide because we have made the future not conducive for us to live in because we have carried the burden of the past into the future. Heal from your past before stepping into your future so as to avoid bleeding in the future. Not healing from your past thinking you don’t need to heal from your past will cause you more injuries worse than the previous injuries. If you don’t heal from your past, you will still be pain. One reason you need to heal from your past is to avoid pain now and in the future. You are also going to cause other people pain if you don’t heal from your past through expressing your pain on others even when they don’t even have anything to do with the cause of your pain. This will cause people to flee from you making you an island which is unhealthy for your mind.

How to heal from your past

To heal from your past, you have to be a student to your past. Experience they say is a teacher. Let your past be a teacher to you. Allowing your past learn from you is carrying the burden of the past into the future. Don’t let the past learn from you but rather learn from the past to let go the past. When you fall into a pit and get injured, next time you will avoid that pit or any other pits to avoid injuries. That is what you should do to your past. Avoid those things that made you injured to heal from your past. Always cultivate the habit of learning from your past.

Seek for advice. In my post tilted how to live in bad situations, I wrote  “Sharing the experience to friends, family, strangers and even people that are in similar situations you are in allows you to feel the situation and take your mind away from the pain”. When you get injured, you don’t only learn from the experience, you also seek for ways to treat the injury. Go for professional counselling. Talk to friends and family and people that are in the same situation that you are in to know different ways they heal themselves to learn from them to heal yourself.

Lastly, Just like the way you use a plaster to cover your injury, a prayer covers your shame. It covers your injury. A prayer is a seal. Praying conquers anything. In anything you do, you must be prayerful.


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