They know not your Story but your Name

selective focus of woman standing on grass field near body of water

We go through hard and soft times, we encounter the good and the bad. We experience these times alone. You look around and compare yourself with others and wish you kill yourself because you are ashamed of who you are after comparing yourself with others. You also look around and think you are the best among everybody. You might think you are the best but the worst and you might think you are the worst but the best. We go through these thoughts of insecurities alone that lead to continuous worry (Depression). They don’t know what you are going through neither do you know what they are also going through. They only hear of your success story but don’t know how you got there. They end up thinking you are proud, jealous or a fraudster because you are successful and you are bothered? They were not there in your sufferings neither should you allow their thoughts bother you in your enjoyments. We judge most of the time by our appearances that’s why we are advised to dress how we want to be addressed. In my post titled appearance, I wrote “Your appearance is your introductory message.” Even with our appearance that we want to be addressed as, some still judge us wrongly. I met someone today who asked for a piece of advice from me. After I told that person what to do, he asked “What about what people will think of me?” I said “What about what you think of people?” We think different things about ourselves and that is something that will always exist. But what you need not to allow to exist is not to let what they think of you affect you negatively. Have you noticed that there are some people we judge but they act like our thoughts don’t exist? Sometimes we go to the extent of even thinking those people are crazy. Those people are probably happier that us. We just probably don’t know it.

The way we want others to watch what they think of us carefully is the same we should always watch our thoughts as it can also affect others negatively. Be careful of your action too (According to the popular phrase “Do unto others what you what others to do to you”). They ask, wonder or curious of your actions but not of your story. They judge your actions but know not your story. The most important thing is not about what these people think of you but what you think of who you are. You will be the happiest version of yourself if you focus on what you think of yourself more than what people think of you. Be careful because sometimes people think these bad things out of jealousy and envy of you and you bother about them and think you are not good enough meanwhile you are more than good enough and you have already allowed their thoughts to get to you and affect you negatively. Be careful of what you hear, see and believe. Don’t let their actions define you because they don’t know your story but define yourself using this link post I wrote. 3 ways to define your life values



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