5 Habits to Develop to be Mentally Strong

Knowing that we have different perspectives to life, the need to be mentally strong cannot be avoided because of our diversities and understandings. Our diversities can bring about tough situations that require us to be mentally strong.

Think before you act: Learn to observe, understand, evaluate and analyze before you act. You need not to allow your thoughts to control you but to be in control of your thoughts. To be mentally strong, you have to cultivate the habit of thinking before you act. Acting without thinking is a prove you are allowing your emotions think for you. Your emotions thinking for you is one way your thoughts are controlling you. Though we can get carried away by our emotions but not allowing our emotions take a toll on us is mastering our thoughts. When you have mastered the art of your thoughts, you are mentally strong.

Master the art of silence: Don’t be too silent so as not to be taken for granted and don’t be too lousy so as not to be taken as a barbarian. Know when to be silent and when not to be silent. Silence they say is power. With silence, you will understand yourself better, know where to be and where not to be, what to say and what not to say in which these attitudes will improve your mental health.

Money is not everything: Money can be very tempting if not completely tempting. In my write up titled the psychology of money, I wrote “Without money, you can’t have clothes. Without money, you can’t eat. Without money, you can’t have a building to live in. Without money, you can’t have soap to bath. Even if these things can be given to you free, without money nobody can have them. Not being without money can kill you because you won’t have access to food and water. Money buys almost everything around you except your body, soul, mind and air” Because of all these things that money can do, you are bound to be money tempted. Being money tempted is a rampant attitude but if you can control your urge for money, you will be mentally strong. In that same write up, I wrote “Make money and don’t let money make you” The way to control your urge for money is to make money, cut your coat according to your size and don’t be covetous.

Start now and don’t regret tomorrow: You are not mentally strong if you think a big goal is too big to be achieved and if you think starting small will bring shame. Mentally strong people know that you achieve big goals by starting small. If you don’t start now, you will definitely regret tomorrow. Having the courage to start small will make you mentally strong and also attract respect.

Use negative comments positively: Mentally strong people don’t allow negative comments take a toll on them. They don’t react negatively to negative comments but instead, they think through the comments, understand them to know where they need to change or not depending on their desires. Mentally strong people accept negativity positively.



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