Change your Thoughts Change your Life

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Our thoughts are the foundation of our actions. Our thoughts are the results of our actions. According to the popular phrase, “What you sow is what you reap”  What you decide to sow (Your actions) is developed from your thoughts. Change your thoughts, sow a great seed and reap greatness. Some say there is power in the tongue but where the power really is, is in the mind. What we say is also as a result of what we think. There is power in the mind. I have written a post titled the #1 secret to power. And in that post, I wrote that change is the #1 secret to power. I can confidently write that our thought is also the #1 secret to power.

What thoughts do you need to change?

  • Thoughts that make you question your capabilities
  • Thoughts that draw you back
  • Thoughts that don’t allow change
  • Negative thoughts e.t.c

One way to change your thoughts is to be in control of your thoughts. Most of us, our thoughts control us. We don’t think properly before we talk or act and we believe other people’s thoughts and think our own thoughts are not good enough. We need to master the art of our thoughts. We need to believe in our own thoughts. No one will believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself. When we are in control of our thoughts, we can achieve anything. You should start thinking the opposite of the thoughts I listed above that you shouldn’t be thinking to change (Transform) your life. You should also find this article from purposefairy useful as I found it helpful in changing your thoughts to change your life. 15 ways to change your thoughts and transform your life.

Think things differently. In my post titled to make is to break, to break is to make. I wrote “If we fail to see the good in the bad then we will always see bad in the good” Because we fail to think there is good in bad, we will always think the bad in the good when we see the good. In also on of my posts titled the key to eternal happiness, I wrote “The key to eternal happiness is to create happiness from nothing. That way, nothing is something and everything becomes something. Then happiness is at your command.” To be able to act these quotes, you need to change your thoughts and change your life perspective. Your thoughts make you, define you, develops you. Your thoughts are who you are, your thoughts are what will be used to define you. Restructure your thoughts, help yourself by changing your thoughts.

Changing your thoughts can seem embarrassing, scary and impossible. According to the popular phrase,”If your dream don’t scare you then it is not big enough” You might feel embarrassed to change your thoughts but this quote I read from pinterest says you need to be odd to be number 1. Being odd shouldn’t scare you but it should motivate you because If you are the same with others, you will not be unique. When you change your thoughts, believe me you will be surprise at how gifted and talented you are. I changed my thoughts last year and guess what I discovered about myself? I am a writer in which you are presently reading my writing. Anytime my writings are being read, I am always all smiles. I also discovered I was more intelligent than I thought I was. We have a lot of gifts and talents in us. All we just need to do is change our thoughts and kindle our vast. I am still currently changing my thoughts to change my life.





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