Trample on Shame and be a Conqueror

photo of man crying with colored tears

We didn’t expect to be in some situations but out of carelessness and playfulness, shame found you and killed you. Shame itself is one of life’s tortures. The results of shame most of the time is always extremely negative to our lives but somehow some people find ways to trample on shame and be conquerors. Shame for some is like a blessing because according to the popular phrase, every disappointment is a blessing. In my write up titled 5 habits to develop to be mentally strong, I wrote “Knowing that we have different perspectives to life, the need to be mentally strong cannot be avoided because of our diversities and understandings. Our diversities can bring about tough situations that require us to be mentally strong”. Because of our diversities, some can rise above shame easily while some would feel like it’s the end of the world for them. If you don’t fail, how will you be strong? In my post titled never be scared to fail. I wrote “Then I realized that we came to this earth with knowing nothing which means we already came to this earth failing by not knowing. Were we scared? Why should we be scared if we fail now?” We fail to be stronger and not to be weaker. See your shame as a means of glorification, a means of being strong in which that is exactly how it should be. Don’t lose to shame my dear, it is not worth it.

It’s because we think of shame as a stain on our reputation. We think the stain cannot be cleaned and because of this stain, we feel like it is the end of the world. For some, the stain can be cleaned while some the stain cannot be cleaned but either ways, how can you trample on this shame? This is life where you are not in control of what will happen in the next second. You should be prepared for anything by using whatever comes your way positively. It’s because of our weakness that’s why some of these horrible things happen to us to make us stronger. What about if you are in shame for what you didn’t even do? Face your fears. What are you ashamed of? We are only ashamed because we fear something so bad. Is shame your fear? Face your shame and fear your shame. When shame sees you next time, It’ll run. You are not above mistakes and you are not perfect. In shame, you can learn from your past mistakes to avoid the same mistake and other mistakes and be stronger. Read my posts on how to fear your fears of success and 5 habits to develop to be mentally strong to enlighten yourself more on how to trample on shame to be conqueror.


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