Rule out the Urge to Settle for less and be Strong

The urge to settle for less when we lose patience for what we really want can be difficult to control. We want the best for ourselves but what can we do when the best isn’t coming? Rule out the urge to settle for less when the best isn’t coming. You are not going that way. Your way is to move forward and not backwards. Don’t let anyone sugarcoat you in thinking you cannot have the best except you settle for less because they think you are not good enough. Apart from the fact that we might think we don’t deserve the best which makes us settle for less, some situations allows us to settle for less. We settle for less because we are not strong enough. You can read these link posts of mine, how to live in bad situations and 5 habits to develop to be mentally strong to be strong. One of the ways to be strong that is not in those links is to fake it till you make it. When you fake you have the things you want, you are more likely going to attract those things. Please don’t fake for negative purposes  but for the purpose of self improvement. When you act rich, you attract rich people and riches but when you act poor, you attract poor. Act like you already have what you really want and begin to see yourself get those things.

Just because we want to “be among”, be recognized one way or the other among our peers, we settle for less. Don’t be peer pressured into settling for less to be among. To want to “be among” is not healthy because it’s prove you don’t value yourself, not to talk of settling for less to be among. It can damage the reputation we really want. You don’t have to settle for less to be recognized among your peers. There other intelligent and better ways to accomplish that. You might find my link post useful to help you get recognized among your peers. How to be liked by people.

The things that might or will arise when you settle for less 

  • You will think you are not good enough
  • You will not have respect for yourself
  • You will hate yourself
  • You will be a weak vessel

These points above are good enough reasons for you not to settle for less and they are dangers to our lives. Why settle for less just to be in danger? Have patience, be strong and fake it till you have it.


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