You Started to Finish and not to Stop

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My father tells me,”It is better to be working and be faced with challenges than not working and not be faced with challenges”. Even the bibles says “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”

The two main challenges we face most of the time in success are:

  • Too much failures
  • We are not seeing the required results

Whether you have started to achieve your goals and about to stop or have not started, this article is for you. This article is for you to renew the success energy your have lost. If you don’t service your car when it’s due for servicing, it won’t take you to the destination you want to get to. In life, if you have a car and you have to get to a destination and the car breaks down, it’s either you get the car fixed or if the car cannot be fixed, you find another means of getting to your destination because car or not car you have to get to your destination. Just like success. Your destination is your destiny here. Fail or no fail, keep moving and find all possible means till you get to your destination (Destiny which is your goal).

The challenges of success tempts us to stop achieving the goal of why we started. Success it’s self is a challenge and that’s why some people don’t even bother to start in the first place. We are humans and we are bound to lose motivation to work but when you develop the habit of complimenting yourself after every step you take, I can assure you that you will always be motivated to keep going. Always credit yourself because some people are wishing to be where you are now. Some people are even looking up to you. If you stop, you will let a lot of people down. Every step you make has it’s value. No step is a fail. When you make the first step, tell yourself “Good choice”, when you make the second step tell yourself “Keep it up” and when you make the final step, tell yourself “Excellent!”. If you are currently struggling with some challenges, tell yourself “well done!” because you are a goal getter and hardworking. You need to understand that you don’t lose when you lose but you lose when you stop when you lose. You did not start to lose but to win. If you fail to win, you will disappoint yourself. You might find some of my articles useful to help you overcome failures of success. 7 reasons we fail backwards, never define your future by your failures, heal (rejuvenate) from your past, create yourself, rule out the urge to settle for less and be strong, work like an ant and wake like a dog and how to let go of the past.

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