Sad? Why not try these three things!

shallow focus photography of woman's eyes

Emotions have a way of taking control of our daily lives or activities, mental health and so on. Sometimes we can control our emotions while sometimes it takes a toll on us. When those bad emotions are beginning to take a toll on you can do these three things.

Be conscious of the emotions: Being conscious of your emotions is asking yourself why are you feeling such a way? Ask yourself why are you sad when you feel sad. Understand the problem behind you being sad. One of the ways to actually control your emotions is by being conscious of them. The good thing about being conscious of your emotions is that you are in control of your life and because our actions are from our thoughts and our thoughts are a result of our emotions which is why you should develop the habit of controlling our emotions. In my post titled how to let go of the past, I wrote in point 1 which will be helpful is being conscious of your emotions. “Think it: One way we always try to avoid this past is not thinking about it because of the shame it brings to us but thinking about i.e being aware of it is one way to let go of the past. We shy away from thinking about it because of how depressed it makes us feel. Try to remember the past by yourself, think about why it happened, what mistake you made and how not to make the mistake again.” Practice and perfect the art of controlling your emotions.

Tell yourself nothing is worth getting sad over: Because you are created to be happy, being sad is either to strengthen us, make us better and more intelligent and being sad is not to make you weaker or make you feel less of yourself. In a nutshell, sadness is to make you better than your former self and not worse that your former self

Choose to be happy: Most of the time when we are sad, choosing to be happy doesn’t occur to us because of the mental break down. We either cry to ourselves, cry to others and even be a burden to others, choose to be alone and sometimes think of or committing suicide. When you have been able to do point 1 and point 2 successfully, you will now decide what are the things that are suitable for me to do to get my mind of this sad emotion and make myself happy? Start doing the things you like to do immediately everyday and get busy. I don’t regret doing these three things when I’m sad because they always work. I either listen to my music when I’m sad, see some friends, go to events, watch movies in my home or cinema or even decide to be alone because being alone makes me happy sometimes.

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