4 Behaviours you’re not in Control of your Life

Man in Black Shirt and Gray Denim Pants Sitting on Gray Padded Bench

We focus more on adopting behaviours to be able to take control of our lives. We should not only adopt behaviours to take control of our lives but also do away with behaviours that shows we are not in control of our lives.

Avoiding responsibilities: Taking responsibilities might not seem like a way of taking control of your life but it has a huge effect on taking control of your life. When you take your responsibilities, it shows that you are self aware. As humans, we all have responsibilities. Either to be successful, be married, be in school and graduate, take care of yourself, take care of your family or be happy. Because taking responsibilities makes you self aware and to be self aware improves your life positively, you will need to start taking your responsibilities. Avoid responsibilities and avoid the benefit of gaining self strength mentally, physically and spirituality.

Afraid to achieve your goals: Life is controlling you when you are afraid to achieve your goals. You are suppose to be in control of your life and not being controlled by life. Have the courage to achieve your goals and be in control of your life. Don’t let fear of anything or anyone hold you back. Grab fear in the neck, squeeze it, break it, burn it and trash it. That way you are in control of your life.

Aggressive reaction to bad comments & surroundings: When you overreact to bad comments or things that don’t require you to act aggressively shows that your environment is taking a toll on you. You don’t have to overreact to things before you prove your point. Master how to control your emotions. To learn how to master your emotions, read the first point in my post titled Sad? why not try these three things

Afraid to say noOh! You think they will beat you when you say no? No hun, they won’t beat you but when you fail to say no when you need to and you don’t, you just failed yourself. You failed yourself because you let yourself make you feel like you can be trampled on by being afraid to say no. Read my post don’t be scared to say no to understand this point better.

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