Take a Break and Re-evaluate

man sitting on chair covering his eyes

If care is not taken, the hunger for success can make you hungry and quit. Don’t get too hungry for success to the point you forget to feed yourself and starve. You need to feed and fill yourself frequently to be able to chase success. The probability of wining a second race after you have exhausted your energy in the first race without re-energizing yourself is lower than wining the first race. You are already doing great enough because you started but that pause is necessary for a good finish. Eat, rest and re-evaluate your work. Taking a break from your work re-energizes you, gives you more drive to work. Decide to go for a tea break, lunch break, see a friend, go to the movies. Having conversations with people doing similar things like you are will not only re-energize you but you are more likely going to get better ideas for your work, you will meet people who appreciate your work and ready to pay and have a healthy social life.

If you don’t take a break and re-evaluate, you are less likely going to get better ideas and have a great work, you will get weak and bored faster of your work and you are more likely going to quit. Most of the time, we stick to only the initial plan we have set to achieve our goals. The purpose of taking a break and re-evaluating is to get better ideas, be more interested in your work and have a great work. Don’t rely too much on the plans you already have but rather frequently seek for better plans. As a blogger and a writer that I am, my aim to be a successful writer and blogger (Get traffic to this blog). I have plans I have set for myself to get traffic to this blog but I always constantly seek better plans everyday. I put all my previous plans aside, eat, rest and re-evaluate to have a successful blog. Be open to change. Read my post titled the power of change and know how powerful change is.

For those that quit, if you check the reason they quit, you will discover that most of them was because they didn’t take a break and re-evaluated. Which drove them to frustration. I would have stopped this blog a long time ago because it wasn’t getting enough attention. Everytime I decide to quit, I make sure I take a break and re-evaluate and I always get better ideas on how to drive attention to this blog. Don’t be discouraged, keep pushing, take a break, re-evaluating and you will have a good finish.




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