Avoid Focusing on Being Liked but Being Hated

grayscale photo of woman covering her face on her own hair

If you want to achieve and you are focused on being liked to the point it affects your emotional well being, I will have to let you know that you are a fool. A lot of people are enormously affected when they are not liked. In most cases, the more hate, the better. It is when you are a doing a great thing that you get hated more. If you are working and getting hated, you are doing a great job. Though in some cases, you might not be liked genuinely i.e not being liked because you acted badly or act badly. But after you have done a thorough check up on yourself (Your actions and intentions) and you know within yourself honestly that you don’t act badly, you should stop getting emotionally down when you are not being liked. This world can be cruel. It is filled with jealous, envious, wicked and bitter people. When you are doing well, they are not happy and always looking for ways to bring down your success. In achieving your goals, focusing on such people i.e affected by their actions will only make you a fool but rather endevour to help them to be better for themselves. Be your brother’s keeper.

Choose your company wisely because the people you surround yourself with greatly affects your progress. What they say, do, where they go to e.t.c can pull you back. When you are in company with such people or you are bothered about their actions, there’s a probability of occurrence you will start thinking and behaving like them. The purpose of choosing not to get affected by their actions is that you don’t start holding grudges and start treating other people who didn’t hurt you badly. This can cause people with good intentions or minds and actions to stay away from you making you lose opportunities for your progress. Surround yourself with like-minded people like you are so as to progress in life.

Be able to tell the difference between those that want to help you and those that want to see you fail. There’s no friendship in success but good minded people and actions are welcome. You want to be liked but not all fingers are equal (People are different) which is possible that you might not be liked. Since there’s a possibility of not being liked, why do you beat yourself up when you are not liked? If you still care about being liked, you can read my post on how to be liked by people


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