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In my post titled early morning self-care & success, I wrote “We probably feel our work is more important than the early morning self care. We feel that our work should be more priority over the early morning self care because if we don’t deliver our work, we won’t have money. Putting your work before your early morning self care will be causing you a lot of disadvantages for your work. I am always at a disadvantage when I put my early morning self care after the day’s work.”

Making time for ourselves isn’t even important to us anyway, so why should we be on our to-do list not to talk of priority list? In the past, making time for myself was very useless to me. It just felt very unnecessary. I would rather just focus on making sure my stomach is filled instead of eating healthy, wait to be ill before I prevent myself from any illness, wait till 2 week before examination day before I start preparing for the exam, wait till I have no clothes to wear before I wash my clothes and wait till I have body infections or odour before I bath regularly or use antiseptic. It always felt like the world was at my palm until I fall sick, have body infection or have no clothes to wear. Then I start to feel like the biggest fool in the universe. We all are guilty of these things either 1 of it, all of it or all of it and more. When I started to feel like the biggest fool in the universe, nothing told me to change. Do you know that after some people feel like the biggest fool in the universe, they still wouldn’t change. You don’t want to be like the one to feel like the biggest fool in the universe not to talk of feeling like the biggest fool in the universe and not changing.

I was terribly down with a type of malaria that affected my mental health. That malaria is called cerebral malaria. I assume some of us should be familiar with this type of malaria. After having that kind of malaria, I always spray my room with insecticide before I sleep and frequently use antibiotics. With my past experiences, making ourselves #1 on our priority list should begin to be important to us. When you put yourself #1 on your priority list, you become smarter, things that seem hard becomes easier and you will open the door for newer and better opportunities. We are attracted to bright looking things. When you look unhealthy (dull), people will stay away from you and you will lose great things. The dark can’t do without the light but the light can do without the dark. You can’t stay in a dark place without the light but you can stay in a light place without even thinking the dark exists.

Always endevour to make time for yourself even though it might seem useless but it is one of the most important things of life.




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