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For some, self acceptance is easy while for others, it is difficult but based on personal views, self acceptance is widely difficult for us. Going through the difficulty of self acceptance is absolutely worth it. In my post titled stop self deception for success’ sake, I wrote “Self deception is when you lie to yourself, avoid and deny the truth because we can’t stand the truth and knowing fully well the truth is bitter and the truth might affect our ego and so on.” We prefer to lie to ourselves because it makes us feel better but in reality, we are not better. Which is preferable? To be better or to feel better when we are not? Obviously to be better. That was why I wrote earlier that going through the difficulty of self acceptance is absolutely worth it just because you will be better.

The Difficulty of Self Acceptance

Shame: I personally struggle with this. Don’t feel different or awkward if you feel you are ashamed of accepting who you are. You have to be able to trample on your inner shame to be confident out there. Most people ask, how can I boost my confidence in public? Simply by just boosting your inner confidence which is self confidence (Confidence in one’s self). In my post titled trample on shame and be a conqueror, I wrote “It’s because we think of shame as a stain on our reputation. We think the stain cannot be cleaned and because of this stain, we feel like it is the end of the world. For some, the stain can be cleaned while some the stain cannot be cleaned but either ways, how can you trample on this shame? This is life where you are not in control of what will happen in the next second. You should be prepared for anything by using whatever comes your way positively.” We all are insecure with one thing or the other. Either we think we are not beautiful, we are not smart, we are not that tall or that short or we are not like that person we wish we were. All these things can stop us from self acceptance. Read my posts see the beauty in your flaws and be yourself to get confident with your flaws. If you don’t accept yourself, who will? Everyone has their own problems to solve and their own flaws to accept. Waiting for others to accept you first when you have not accepted yourself is completely ridiculous. Even if they eventually accept you for who you are and you have not accepted yourself, you will always think you are not good enough.

The Significance of Self Acceptance

It is the first step to solve any problem: The first step to solve any problem is to accept the problem for what it is. If you fail to accept any problem, you can never get that problem solved. That is why self acceptance is important. If you don’t accept a problem for what it is, you will not move forward. You will always be complaining, blaming others and stressing yourself out because you have not solved the problem. Because you don’t want problems in your life, you need to begin to develop the habit of self acceptance.

Better version of yourself: After you have accepted a problem, solving the problem becomes easier. The stage in which you solve any problem big or small, you are learning. To learn is to be better than what you were. When you have accepted yourself, you will be able to think of how to be better. If you don’t accept yourself or keep lying to yourself, you are only preventing yourself from being better.

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