You are not who you say you are but what you do

woman walking on street surrounded by buildings

Though we are advised and I also advice we speak positively to ourself. In my post stop speaking to yourself negatively, I wrote “When you say you cannot do it, you will not be able to do it and you will not even try to do it to be able to convince yourself that you can do it”. To contradict the title of this post, you are who you say you are according to faith but the bible says, in James 2:14-26 “Faith without works is dead.” Our habits are very powerful. What we do is the creation of our destiny. In the 7 habits of highly effective people written by Stephen R. Covey. He wrote, “Our character, basically, is a composite of our habits. Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny” Speaking positively to yourself is not enough to prove you will be what you say you want to be but being conscious of your habits and acting towards what you want to be is a prove you will be what you want to be.

It’s a common habit amongts us to speak positively to ourselves and rely on faith or luck to make our dreams come through. And when our dreams don’t come through, we assume we are not meant to be successful. We either forget to act towards our dreams, blame others for not providing the things we need to make our dreams come though, we are lazy or not prayerful. I wrote earlier, “What we do is the creation of our destiny”. Life is like an investment, unconscious or conscious investment. Every action we take is an investment in our life. An investment we would benefit from tomorrow. Invest in your life positively everyday to reap a positive reward. The things we do today determines what our tomorrow will be.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle
Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out – Robert Collier

In my poem titled past, present, future, I wrote in line 6 and 7 “If the present is a gift, and human gift is a talent, Then use your talent, plan your future so you can open your present, have a proud past and make history” Being conscious of our habits, is not something we are often conscious of or possible to be conscious of every second. Conscious or not, we not what we say we are until we have acted to achieve what we say we are.  You might also find my link post useful create yourself




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