Scared Bad things might Happen? Do these #2 things!

grayscale photography of hands under body of water

  • Don’t be too worried 
  • Be worried 

Only if you could have total control of what will happen tomorrow or in the future because you don’t want bad things to happen to you right? Because we have no total control of what will happen tomorrow or in the future, we all fear bad things might happen to us knowing fully well there’s a possibility of it happening. We are either worried, over worried, happy or don’t care bad things might happen. Why happy? Because bad situations make us stronger or toughens.

Why you should not be too worried 

Too worried bad things might happen to you is one way of making those bad things happen. That which you are too bothered about that might happen is more likely to happen because you are too worried about it. Too much worry causes lack of concentration, anxiety and depression. How are you suppose to manage the bad things from happening or when they eventually happen when you are already mentally weak? To be mentally strong, read my post 5 habits to develop to be mentally strong. Too worried bad things might happen to you can make you forget to plan for the good things to happen and when the good things happen, you can’t enjoy them to the fullest. When the good things happen, you won’t feel their presence and you can’t be happy because it is the good things that makes us happy. If you are too worried bad things might happen, you are shutting the door of your happiness. Too much worry or not, you cannot change the fact that the bad things might still happen. Because you cannot change the fact that these bad things might still happen, accept the fact that they might still happen and move on with your life but don’t worry too much. When they happen, fine! Life continues and when they don’t happen, good for you!. Read my posts on how to live in bad situations, how to let go of the past and sad? why not try these three things to manage these bad occurrences.

Why you should be worried

A human being that has to worry is lazy and not useful. If you have no worry, you cannot be happy. Every human has one thing other the other that worries him or her. Either to put food in your stomach, to get some clothes to wear or to have a shelter. These three basic things of life worries us. How can you be happy when you are not worried about putting food in your stomach, getting clothes to wear or have a shelter to lay your head. If you don’t have these three things, you cannot be happy. Which is why you have to be worried about getting them. You have to be worried for your own happiness, to be useful for yourself to and avoid bad things happening. If you don’t worry about these bad things happening, chances are high that they will happen. When you worry about them they might not happen or the chances of them happening is low.

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