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Only in the darkness can you see the stars – Martin Luther King

You are the light: The dark can only the lightened by the light. You can see the worth of the light when it enters the dark because of it’s ability to lighten the dark. You are put in the dark to know your worth, to know you are the light and to lighten up the dark. If you were not the light, you wouldn’t be in the dark. We are put in these tough situations to know our worth.

It is all for your good: When you eventually know your worth, you can achieve more than what you were before you were in the dark and you will be more confident in yourself. The dark days are also light days in disguise. The dark days if thought deeply, are better than the light days. You have to fail to learn to be better. With these dark days, you cannot avoid to learn.

You are unique: These dark days can make us feel we are strange, not like others or insecure about ourselves. We see others in the light were we wish we were and feel insecure about ourselves. Like I wrote earlier, these dark days are light days in disguise which means you are not in the dark. I won’t write that because the dark days are light days in disguise means you are now like others that are in the light but I’ll say you are still unique and in your own light. You have to be confident in yourself to see yourself as worthy not confident in others to be able to see yourself as worthy. If you put your confidence in others before you can see yourself as worthy, you won’t ever respect yourself and this will not brighten your light enough when you are in the dark. You might find my link post useful How to boost your self confidence.

It will end: Because no one is born to fail, your dark days will end. And also because we are supposed to learn when we fail and before you can learn, your failure has to end. Which means your dark days will end. Anyway you are the light so the dark days can’t still be present.

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