Don’t Wait till you’re Ready

Photo of Woman Wearing Pair of Black Nike Running Shoes

I’ll start this article with the popular saying “No pain no gain”. The only reason you decide not to work because you are not ready is because of pain. Deciding to work when you are not ready causes pain to us physically and mentally. The bible says in Proverbs 10:4 “Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.” This phrase means it is the “hardworking” that will eat and will be successful. If the bible supports pain, it means you can or must start when you are not ready. To be hardworking means to work when you don’t feel like working. If you want to be successful, you have to be hardworking. Successful people work when they don’t feel like. They still work when they are in their worst state. I’ll not advise you to try this but when I was in the university, Just days before my exam, I was terribly down with malaria but guess what, I didn’t go to clinic because I felt if I had gone to the clinic, I wouldn’t complete my preparation for my exam. I read more than people that weren’t even sick and when the results came out, I made the score I planned to make and even did better than those that weren’t sick. I have experienced this type of situation twice. The second time, I had a terrible tooth ache that made my mouth swell but I didn’t let that stop me from excelling in my exam. If you are not feeling too well, still go and see your doctor. Your health is more important. Not that I wasn’t ready to work, I was sick and I still had to work because I wanted to excel in my exam.

In my write up titled the #1 secret to success, I wrote “If you’re asked what is the #1 secret to success, what will your reply be? The #1 attitude to success is self discipline. Success and self discipline are like humans and air. The way humans cannot live without air is the same way success cannot exist without self discipline. Whatever you want to do be it little or big, you cannot do without self discipline. As little as taking your bath, you need to be self disciplined”. Being ready to work when you are not ready is not only hardwork but self discipline. You might not be ready but you have to be ready to be ready to work. To be ready to be ready to work is to make yourself ready when you are not ready. It is to make yourself work when you don’t feel like working. This is one important ingredient of success. Not feeling like working is a hurdle we must jump to be to be successful. You must and not might jump. If you don’t jump that hurdle, you are not getting to the other side. Pain is not enjoyable but it doesn’t kill rather it makes you stronger and better. You might also find these of my articles useful. Work like an ant and wake like a dog and the #1 secret to success

In my article the key to eternal happiness, I wrote “The key to eternal happiness is to create happiness from nothing. That way, nothing is something and everything becomes something. Then happiness is at your command”. Just like success, you have to be ready to create success for yourself to be successful. Not working when you are not ready is saying you’re hungry when you have food but tired to get the food. At the end of the day, when you jump that hurdle, it is all for your benefits.



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