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We are being made to be sorry for some actions we need not to be sorry for. Being controlled to feel like a bad or evil person when we act in some certain ways not because the actions were not healthy for the human race but because it makes others feel intimidated by you, jealous or bitter. When they begin to behave in those bad ways, we should know that we should not be sorry for any action we took that made them behave that way and not change our actions.

For advising: The truth is bitter they say. Some people don’t like hearing the truth or don’t like people advising them. Some will go to the extent of telling you to mind your business. If you see something that you think is wrong or it is not going to help your neighbour (Friends, family and strangers) and you don’t let them know and advise them, the feeling of guilt might haunt you for the rest of your life when that bad thing or those bad things happen to them. You are also doing them a huge favour advising them. If anyone needs you to sorry for advising, never be sorry. At the end of the day, it might all end up well between you and that person because you told them the truth.

For your opinion: An argument if not handled properly, can result in a serious conflict. Because of our different life perspectives, we are bound to say entirely different things in which if you don’t agree with someone else’s life perspective, can make the person annoyed. It is your choice to agree with whatever you want to agree with. You should not be forced to agree with what you don’t want to agree with. As far as your opinion was not offensive, don’t be sorry for your opinion, your idea or the way you think. It is in situations like this that your level of maturity will be known. If you are mature enough, you will know you are only meant to say your opinion and agree or not agree with the other person’s idea without any form or conflict arising.

For succeeding: Don’t be sorry for succeeding. Believe me, when you begin to succeed, you will meet a lot of people that will make you feel like you hurt them or people that will want you to stop succeeding and giving you crazy excuses like people will think you are better than me. You will lose friends that will fabricate reasons they left you to make you apologize for things you never did because they are not happy with your success and want you to apologize for succeeding in disguise. The most important thing is that don’t hurt anyone in the journey of your success. If you succeeded genuinely, never be sorry. Success is for your happiness, so be happy. When you dim your light for people, when their light comes, they will shine it right in your face. Anyone that wants you to be sorry for succeeding doesn’t want to see you happy and that person is the one that is supposed to be sorry.

For being yourself: Though, in some places, we are supposed to behave some certain way but what about those places we can behave which ever way we want to? In those places we can behave which ever way we want, some people would try to make you behave the way they want you to behave or make you feel your behaviour is not accepted and make you feel strange or different. Some would even go to the extent of making you feel like you are mad and make others believe so. Those that believe you are mad are in  bondage of that person and that is why we should not follow the multitude but do what we think is right. It could be in the way you eat, walk, talk or dress that they way to control. Don’t be sorry for being yourself. If you don’t be yourself, who else do you want to be? If you don’t be yourself, then you are nobody. Read my poem on be yourself for more understanding.






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