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One of the reasons we compare ourselves to others or we want to be like others is because we don’t value ourselves. We have already brought ourselves down even before others bring us down because we compare ourselves. We want to compare ourselves with others because comparing yourself with others will make you feel better than them, in control of them or powerful. You might want to think that you are being hated when you are advised not to compare yourself with others  but is so we can value ourselves.

“Unless you have been in their shoes, view life the way they do and gone through their experiences, you are comparing yourself to information that can in no way be accurate. – Ulenda Myburgh in 7 ways to start to value yourself

Comparing your life with others when we all have different DNA’s (i.e we are all different) is a journey of no return.  When you begin to understand the philosophy of no one is better that anyone, you will start to value yourself. Until you have lived the life of another person, until you are in another person’s shoes, you should not compare yourself with others. Read my article they know not your story but your name.

Thrive beyond your capabilities: In my article 3 ways to define your life vales, one of the ways is use your full potential. In using your full potential, you will be able to properly define your life values but knowing how to value yourself, you need to thrive beyond your full potential. Using your full potential will also help in valuing yourself but when you thrive beyond your full potential, you will value yourself more. Doing extraordinary things, things you feel are beyond your capabilities will bring out things you thought you couldn’t do. And doing things you thought you couldn’t do will make you value yourself.

You are alive for a reason: For every second, minute, day, month, year you are alive, you are worthy. Value yourself because you are alive. We are beautifully and wonderfully made, made to prosper and be happy. A reason to value yourself is because you are alive. Read my post on see the beauty in your flaws.

Give to the world and seek peace: Giving to the world brings peace of mind and happiness. When you give, you increase your chances of receiving. In my article share your success’ secret for success. I wrote “If you want to pick something from the ground, you rise with picking that thing up”. When you are helping people, you are helping yourself too. When you rise because you have given, you will feel worthy. Just like being proud of yourself when you are successful. When you have risen, you will be proud of yourself. When you are surrounded by people that are ready to give to you, you will feel worthy of yourself that people have you in mind when they want to give because you have given.

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