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Taking responsibility for all your actions is great for mind but also harmful for the mind. We take all our responsibilities and also for others. We take others’ responsibilities either because they are not strong enough, irresponsible, we are too soft/weak to tell them to take their responsibilities or we don’t know our responsibilities. For whichever reason, self blame can be harmful to the mind. I am someone that leaves no responsibilities behind, never would I take another’s responsibilities except if they are irresponsible which I know it’s not a good reason to take others’ responsibilities.

“I accept responsibility for things I cannot control and sometimes it becomes a very heavy burden.” – roamingcarolyn in self blame


When we have more fails than success, we are more likely to feel inadequate than learn from our failures. If we are not mentally strong enough, too much fails will make you feel like you are no good enough or incapable. I know of someone who has a lot of fails and doesn’t take responsibility for his fails but guess what? He still says he’s right and without learning from his fails. I noticed, when he tells himself he is right, it makes him happy and being happy is good for the mind. But for some others that take responsibility for their fails is the opposite which is depression. When you fail and don’t take responsibility for your actions, for the reason to be happy, your happiness is short term compared to those that failed and took responsibility for their actions and are depressed. They are at a more advantage to learning and being better than they used to. This depression if not manged properly can make us feel inadequate which then stops us from learning. The moment we begin to see ourselves as inadequate, self disrespect starts and self disrespect leads to disrespect from others. All these, cause severe mental illness. You might find this article useful. The law of self regard 

When you take others’ responsibilities, being taken for granted has a high probability of occurrence. You are not doing them a favour too by taking their responsibilities. By taking their responsibilities, you are making them vagabonds. With my observations on self blame and the mind, I can conclude it causes harm to not only you that is taking the responsibilities but to others that don’t take their responsibilities.


Two actions I stated in my write-up be responsible for all your actions to always take responsibility for are:

  • When you knew and did it
  • When you didn’t know and did it

Some of the reasons we have depression when we take responsibility for our actions is because we take responsibility for actions done by others that are irresponsible or actions thrown at because we are soft/weak to say No. To reduce the depression, we have to be strong enough to say NO and don’t do what we are not comfortable with. What you are not comfortable sometimes lead to when you didn’t know and doing things when you didn’t know is sometimes worse that when you knew and did it. To avoid the popular saying “Had I known”, learn to say No when you are not comfortable with doing something. Not just only saying No to others but saying No to yourself because our mind can tell us to do something that is harmful to us or that is wrong. Help others by not taking their responsibilities. By not taking their responsibilities, you are also revealing yourself off stress.

You might also find these of my articles useful. 7 reasons will fail backwards, 6 attitudes to develop to avoid anxiety and how I managed my depression.




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