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There are some habits we are not conscious of that causes unhappiness or some habits we are conscious of but difficult to change. Either way, we always endevour to eliminate anything that will hinder our happiness. To change those addicted habits, read these articles how to break addition habits and 10 Ways to Overcome an Addictive Personality.

Below are 6 habits to avoid to be happy:

Not putting people in their place: Out of fear, being nice e.t.c we let people treat us like trash and take advantage of us. When we are being treated in these ways, we begin to feel insecure and ashamed of ourselves. We should speak up about how we feel. Let people know when they are crossing their boundaries with you. Speak up, it is your right. Don’t let people shut your right. We all have equal rights of not taking trash or not being taken as an advantage. If they choose to continues, stay away from them. You shouldn’t jeopardize your happiness just to be treated badly by others. Avoid Holding grudges too Forgive, no one is above mistakes. 

People pleaser: Stay far away from doing everything to make people happy or like you especially at the expense of your comfort and when they wouldn’t even do the same. One problem of being a people pleaser is that the people you are trying to please might be reluctant about being pleased and they wouldn’t do the same to you. When they are reluctant about being pleased and not doing the same to you, you will feel irrelevant which will lead to unhappiness. You should please yourself instead of pleasing others by stop pleasing others.

Not facing your fears: Not facing your fears lead to a lot of harmful things that cause unhappiness. Having fear is sad enough but letting fear trample on you causes mental illness which is worse than being sad. It can be tempting to not face your fears because it feels relaxing (Your comfort zone). In my write up 4 reasons to immediately conquer your fears, I wrote “Your comfort zone is your danger zone. You are greatly limiting yourself for greatness when you decide to remain in your comfort zone.” You will find powerful reasons you should face your fears in that article and those reasons lead to unhappiness. 

Living in the past: Somehow, some people find it easy to hold on to their past failures and bad experiences. Holding on to the past does no good but severe harm. No one is above mistakes and no one is perfect. Leave the past where it is supposed to be. We live in the present and not in the past. You might find these articles useful. How to let go of the past, how to live in bad situations and 7 reasons we fail backwards.

Laziness: Being lazy is easier than being hardworking but laziness is a short term happiness while hardworking is a long term happiness. Being lazy is the plan to failure and future unhappiness. 





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