man sitting on chair in front on window during daytime

Who wants to be stupid? No one wants to be stupid and everyone wants to be smart. The sound of stupid itself is bothersome and thought provoking. We always want to do away with things that will affect our mind negatively and that’s why accepting being stupid will be difficult. Apart from accepting being stupid is bothersome and thought provoking, accepting to be stupid takes humility. You have to be humble to say “I don’t know this”. The reason majority of us are stupid is because we are proud. It’s because we want others to see us as someone that knows everything, to feel superior to others and control them. Some of you are scared to open up about our stupidity not because we are proud but because they might laugh at you, scared you will be a disgrace, scared you will lose your respect and scared you might be perceived as not good enough. In life, to grow is to learn. A man that stops learning is a dead person. To be a better person you must learn, you must be ready to fail, you must be ready to be stupid and be ready for all the negativity that comes with learning. To learn, you have to be humble. You have to be ready to tell yourself “I don’t know”. You have to feel like you are stupid. If you are not stupid, how are you suppose to learn? There is no smart person today that was not stupid. That smart person you envy was stupid. To be like that person, you must be stupid. There’s no shame is being stupid. The only shame in being stupid is when you decide to not humble yourself to learn and let all those negativity of learning stops you from learning. You might think you escaped being laughed at by not opening up about your stupidity but they are actually laughing behind you because you are stupid and proud.

In my article never be scared to fail, I wrote “Then I realised we came to this earth with knowing nothing which means we already came to this earth failing by not knowing. Were we scared?” We didn’t know how to walk, talk, eat, read, write. All these things and more, we were taught. We are not done learning and we will always be stupid because no one can know everything. The smart people you envy don’t know everything and neither do you. In also my article the philosophy of living, I wrote “We don’t know anything and we know everything” Humble yourself. You are scared to be stupid when you are already stupid because no one knows anything and you think you know it all but no one knows it all.

You might find this of my article useful. You are not who you say you are but what you do.

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