To be alone sometimes is the best Company

woman standing hands on rails

Some of us can’t do without keeping company with others, some of us can’t stand staying alone for 1hr not to talk of a day, some of us hate to be with companies and some of us love to be alone but according to science, ambivert is the best personality type i.e being an introvert and an extrovert in science of introverts vs extroverts. I love to be alone and at the same time I love to be with people. When I’m bored, I always want to hang out with friends but I observed that when I’m not bored and alone, I feel being alone is great but we rarely think about spending time with ourselves when we are bored. Being alone is sometimes perceived negatively. Either you are not happy, you are depressed, you are jealous or pained. Being alone leads to this negative perceptions becoming a reality. Irrespective of these negative perceptions, being alone can be the best company and has a lot of great advantages that I observed.

You are your best company: With or without anyone, you are your best company because you always end up with yourself. When no one is around or everyone has left you, you are left with yourself and you have no choice but to be your best company. When you are with yourself, there’s no argument on what movie to watch, what music you want to listen to, which book to read. Watching movies, listening to songs, reading books, eating, going on vacations and adventures, experiencing life alone is interesting. Enjoying life alone will make you fall in love with yourself.

Less Distraction: Being alone distracts you from the outside world, giving you more time and concentration on your work and to be self disciplined. You are prone to succeed being alone.

“Most inventors and engineers I’ve met are like me. They are shy and live in their heads. The very best of them are artist and artists work alone – Steve Wozniak”

Respect from your peers: The more people see you the more you lose respect from them and vice versa. Even if being alone is perceived negatively, it is also perceived positively. You can be perceived as someone that is responsible and classy which will attract respect and self love.

Self value: The moment people start respecting you and loving you, you begin to value yourself and love yourself more. Loving yourself and valuing yourself is important for self development. Not only will you value and love yourself when people respect you because but you will know your worth. The more you know your worth, the better.
Even though,
“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much – Helen Keller”
I still strongly believe when we work alone, we are more productive and perform better. When we are more productive and perform better, your self value increases. As your self value increase, all these below will increase and more.

  • For happiness
  • For income
  • And not to be seen as useless and lose respect. To add to these three point,
  • It is very important to define our life values because we live and die for our life values.
  • Defining our life values allows us to make corrections with our lives when we need to.

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