How to Create Ideas when it isn’t coming

ideas carved on concrete surface

Depending on our life goals, jobs, hobbies e.t.c we might need to create ideas everytime. Some jobs are passive like bricklaying, driving, some government jobs e.t.c don’t require creating ideas everytime. You do the same thing everytime, everyday, every year but some other jobs that are dynamic like writing, drawing, IT consultanting, teaching, architecture e.t.c require creating of ideas everytime. Creating ideas is a mental work and working your brain out everytime can be very distressing. As a writer, having to create ideas everytime is mentally challenging compared to using your physical strength. If you observe, the top jobs require you to create ideas frequently. So if you want to be a boss and an achiever, you have to be ready to create ideas frequently. You have to be ready for that mental work. A lot of people shy away from mental work because of the difficulty of having to think everytime. You don’t have to shy away from having to think just to lose being an achiever, a great person or a boss.

Below are the lists of things I do when it’s getting difficult to create ideas

Take a tea break: This is something that helps me a lot. It’s either I take a tea while working or when I’m feeling devastated. Both ways are helpful depending on my mood. They make creating ideas easier and a flowing writing. They relax my mind and take my mind away from my work. According to the popular phrase, “All work and no play make jack a dull boy”. Taking my mind away from my work makes me smarter.

Take a shower: This is very helpful especially in the mornings. In my post title early morning self care and success, I wrote “One of the ways I make the difficulties of success easy for me is practicing early morning self care. Some of us have the habit of waking up in the morning without self care and starting the day’s work. We probably feel our work is more important than the early morning self care”. Ignoring the early morning shower in creating ideas does more harm than good because inspiration might be difficult. Taking a shower and cleaning up opens my mind, refreshes me, makes me feel good and feeling good happy improves ideas creation.

Spy on your colleagues: Having to say you spy on your colleagues can be embarrassing to some but it is one of the ways I use to create ideas. Not copy but spy. When you copy, it is no longer your idea but using their ideas to create a new one is originality. Spy! cause some find it offensive when they know you are looking at their work. They might think you want to copy them. Spy on people that do similar things like you are and one or two ideas will pop in.

Go for exercise: I go for exercise either in the morning or in the evening. It does not only allow me to create ideas but keeps me motivated and energized to continue working when things are not working well. Exercise also reduces my fatigue which gives room for inspiration.

Socialize: Socializing with your colleagues, talking about your work, asking for ideas is also great for ideas creation. You might not really have to talk about your work but talking about different things that relate to your work or not is fine.

Music, books and movies: Having my little speaker by my side or my earpiece in my ears while working enhances my flow of writing and the words I hear from the songs helps creating more ideas. Movies and books for relaxing and while relaxing, I create ideas. I bet, you cannot do all these things and still have a problem developing ideas. Good luck in your life endevours.

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