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The truth is bitter they say but knowing these 5 painful truths about life will help you to be mentally strong to overcome life’s difficulties.

Pleasing people is a death sentence: People have a mind of their own. We choose to do whatever that’s on our mind. Even though sometimes, some of us might be scared to say No, we still have a 100% chance of saying No and there’s nothing anyone can do about that. In my write-up titled 6 habits that cause happiness, I wrote “One problem of being a people pleaser is that the people you are trying to please might be reluctant about being pleased and they wouldn’t do the same to you”. The people you are trying to please might actually be pleased but not let you know they are pleased. Making you to work extra harder which is unnecessary. Do your best and leave the rest to God.

Good times are filled with fake friends: When you are great, everyone would want to be your friend. Fake people like real things. Real people help the fake. You will be surrounded with fake people mostly, that are proud to call you friends and at the same time can’t wait to see you go down.

It is the closest friends that will hurt you the most: It is your closest friends that are more likely to disappoint you, betray you and stab you in the back. Why? Because they are your closest friends. They are the ones that know your secrets and how you live your life. Be careful of the people you make your closest friends. They might be your enemies.

People will leave you in hard times: People will leave you in bad times because they are not proud to call you friends and you are no longer useful to them because you don’t have what you used to have. When they leave in hard times, it is normal because everyone wants to be associated with great things but It is your job not to take it personal when they leave but keep moving, either by crawling, walking or running until you get to your destination (Destiny). You might also find this article useful. When friends leave in bad times.

No pain no gain: To achieve anything in life you will have to go through pain. The good thing about this pain is that it doesn’t kill. No one likes pain and pain is not sweet but we can’t do without going through pain to be anything we have chosen to be in life. In my article don’t wait till you’re ready, I wrote “The bible says in Proverbs 10:4 “Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.” This phrase means it is the “hardworking” that will eat and will be successful. If the bible supports pain, it means you can or must start when you are not ready”. It is a painful truth to know that you have to go through pain to be sweet (Successful).



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