Mindfulness – One of Life’s Ingredients

woman sitting on bench near koi pond

Life has it’s many ingredients that makes it enjoyable to live in. One of the ingredients of life is mindfulness. To be mindful is to be careful, to be careful is to be aware about your surroundings, to be aware is to be smart and being aware about your surroundings keeps you safe from life’s cruelty. You can’t be mindful without being patient. With patience comes mindfulness and awareness. Even though it can be really difficult to be patient, to achieve your goals, you need patience, to think about your surroundings, you need patience. You cannot achieve anything in life without patience. In tough times, we have to find patience, we have to run to patience even when we have run out of it. We must run to it because it is a way out. Without patience, you will expose yourself to harmful things that is worse than your present situation.

Apart from being patient, another way to practise mindfulness is learning from your mistakes because this takes understanding and thinking. Learning about your failures, allows you to understand yourself and life better which makes life worth living. Be conscious of your surroundings to avoid failures and regrets. We easily over look the little things but we forget it is the little things that make up the big things. In my write up the little things matter the most, I wrote “The little things are easily overlooked because they are little. Over look the little things and see the big things fading”. In that same post, I wrote “Everyone is watching your little and irrelevant actions. People are taking notes. Make those little actions count. Your actions also determine your future. If you make the right attitudes, you will have the desired result of the future you want”. And this is why you need to be aware of your surroundings. Be careful of who you trust and where you go. If these are ways to be mindful, then mindfulness is a necessary ingredient in life. Without mindfulness, life cannot be worth living.

But, be mindful of your mindfulness. Mindfulness if not managed properly can be addictive and lead to overreaction, anger, hardness of the mind and depression. Instead of taking things hard, you are can just simply ignore them to avoid health issues. Do your best and leave the rest to God.





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