How to get Started (Get started by stopping)

Man in Blue Suit

We all want to start but don’t want to stop. How will you stop without starting? One way or the other, we have to start before we can stop and vice versa. We are stopping our bad habits and starting excellence. Without stopping these bad habits, we cannot start. Without starting excellence, we cannot stop our bad habits. Either ways, we must be doing something and not being stagnant. The truth they say is bitter but to start, you must be ready for the truth. You must stop yourself to be aware of your actions and surroundings. If you have to stop to start, then failing is avoidable. Some of us don’t start because we don’t want to fail. Yes! failing, if not handled properly, affects the mind. But failing or not, you have to get started and keep moving till you get to your destination.

Dare to be different. To be different takes courage and smartness. Being different stands you out from everyone else. When you are different, you get more eyes on you (recognition) which can turn into wealth. Doing the same thing with everyone else is mostly interpreted as you being nothing (Not important). People will not be able to appreciate you and your uniqueness. To start (win), you must stop stopping (failing) yourself (procrastination). We procrastinate because of so many reasons. But for whichever reason, procrastination still remains the blockade of starting. It stops us from stopping to start. In my post titled wait and watch time go, I wrote “Procrastination is the enemy of success. When you are trying to do good, the bad will always try to prevail, when you are trying to be successful, procrastination will always try to prevail but you are the one that will not allow procrastination to prevail.” To procrastinate is very tempting but dangerous to our progress.

In also one of my posts titled the mind and self blame, I wrote “When we have more fails than success, we are more likely to feel inadequate than learn from our failures. If we are not mentally strong enough, too much fails will make you feel like you are no good enough or incapable”. Self blame stops you from starting by making you feel inadequate before starting. The feeling of inadequacy, lastly leads to negative emotions creeping in. And if you don’t handle these emotions properly, they will eventually lead to bad habits. You have to stop yourself to start so you don’t end up stopping forever. We don’t start because of these negative emotions. They weigh us down. Developing the ability to control not just your emotions but the negative ones will make you great. No one is perfect but the more you are aware of your negative side, the more powerful you become. You then have the ability to work on yourself and be better for yourself. You might also find this article useful 6 attitudes to avoid if you want to be successful



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