The Power in your Negative Emotions

man wearing black pullover hoodie blowing white smoke

They are called negative emotions (Jealousy, gossiping, backbiting, betraying, wickedness, jealousy e.t.c) because of the extent of damage they cause. These negative emotions overpower and damage us because we are not aware of them. In my post titled how to get started (Get started by stopping), I wrote “No one is perfect but the more you are aware of your negative sides, the more powerful you become”. When you are aware of your bad behaviours, you’ll be more in control of yourself. It is never going to be a good thing when your neighbour or you is being overpowered and damaged with these negative emotions that can also empower us instead. Before writing this post or understanding the power in our negative emotions, I would rather keep at arm’s length with friends that have these negative emotions. I realized that keeping them at arm’s length will worsen their situation and worsen the current cruelty in the world. Our aim should be to help them and not push away. Talking to them nicely and getting them to be aware of their attitudes is the best action to take towards those who possess these negative emotions.

What you might find alarming is that they might not know they possess these negative emotions. Even to the extent of thinking they are good people. I have experienced this with myself. I thought I was a good person until a friend made me to be aware of a negative emotion I possessed. Then I realized there is no good person because no one is perfect. When you push people away because of their negative emotions, you are not helping them and neither are you helping yourself. We might enjoy doing these negativities to people but dislike these negativities. And that is why we need not to keep arm’s length with ourselves. If we were aware or your negative emotions, we would be better.

When you have power over your negative emotions, you’ll experience true happiness. True happiness is accompanied with positivities. You can’t be a negative person and experience true happiness. The lifestyle of a happy person is filled with positive actions. Another amazing thing of having power over your negative emotions is that it is always a beautiful journey to experience. You’ll be amazed by your personality, get to understand yourself and get better for yourself and the society. Hardly will you see anyone taking advantage of these negative emotions. Hardly will you see anyone that thinks there’s positivity in these negative emotions. But one of the ways of finding true happiness is finding it from nothing.


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