5 Attitudes that stops Success’ Growth

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We kill our own success and motivation unknowingly. These 5 attitudes have become part of our lifestyles and they are destroying our success’ growth. We must endevour to stop them in order to grow. I’ve written a similar post to this which you might also find useful. 6 attitudes to avoid if you want to be successful.

Not starting when you’re not ready: To be successful, you need to be mentally tough (Grit or determination). To be mentally tough is to be self disciplined. Forgo some or all present enjoyments in order to get the work done. For some, this is sensed as suffering. Suffering is “not starting when you’re not ready”. Suffering is not being mentally tough. The good thing about starting when you’re not ready is that you would have secured enough time for more work to be done, have time to create to relax (All work and no play make jack a dull boy) and lastly, you might not have interest for the work anymore when you are ready but because you started when you were not ready, you have the work done. Read my post, Don’t wait till you’re ready.

Living in the past: Few people’s reason for no achieving their goals is because they have failed. Because they have failed, they feel it is impossible to be successful or being successful is not for them. Success is meant for everyone, young and old. Regretting past failures or living in your failures will make you feel inadequate which will push you to stop achieving. Always live in the present. Your job is to live in the present. The past is for history. It is the present and it is a gift. When you open the gift, it becomes your future. You can’t live in the past and expect to open your present. It is impossible. Read these posts to help you stop living in the past. How to let go of the past and Past, Present and Future.

Starting big: To achieve anything, you must start small. It is the small things that make up the big things. “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out – Robert Collier.” You must think big but start small. Thinking big is not the same as starting big. If care is not taken, we might think they are the same. You must think big, aim high and set big goal but in achieving these goals, you must start small. Some of our goals are ones you can’t achieve overnight. Read my posts, The little things matter the most and think big.

Never content: You can be the richest man on earth but still the poorest man and be the poorest and be the richest man. If you are not content, enough will never be enough. And if enough is never enough for you, your growth will always reduce and eventually stop. Success requires contentment to be able to move to the next stage. Read my posts, The psychology of money, the misery behind contentment and is enough enough?.

Waiting to have everything before starting: Similar to contentment. Start from where you are and what you have. If you wait to have everything to start, that everything will become nothing and will not have value. When everything has no value, success become irrelevant to you. Developing this kind of attitude attracts future regrets (Had I known) and making you live in the past. If you don’t have everything to start, you can go for other options. The road to success is always under construction – anoymous.


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