6 Ways to let go of Guilt

Letting go of guilt is one that is a painful and uneasy journey. It leads to shame and suicide sometimes if not managed appropriately. I guess everyone, one way or the other has experienced guilt. The common (everyday) guilt we feel has a low negative effect on us. But the type of guilt that has a high negative effect like (Shame, failure, depression, suicide, low self esteem e.t.c) on us, how can one avoid or manage this guilt? We do things in secret and feel good with ourselves we were not caught. Even if we were not caught, some of us still feel guilty afterwards.

  • Don’t overthink it: What has been done can never be undone. Don’t over think it. IT CAN NEVER BE UNDONE! If you over think it, you are wasting your time, energy and stressing yourself. You might find this article useful. Sad? Why not try these three things!.
  • Relax your mind: This is the first step to take when you begin to feel guilty. Relax you mind, meditate or perform yoga. When your mind is not relaxed, it will wonder everywhere. And when it wonders everywhere, you are prone to act negatively. The main reason to relax your mind is to avoid negative actions that will also worsen the situation.
  • Change: After your mind has been relaxed, the next step to take is to change. If you are truly guilty for what you have done and you feel bad about it, you will change. You should not change for anyone but for yourself because people might still judge you for what you have done and you might also judge yourself for what you have done. People and yourself might make you feel bad for yourself. For these reasons, you have to change for yourself and not for anyone.
  • Be of good behaviour: Similar to the third point. You have absolutely no reason to feel guilty for being of good behaviour. When you behave properly, the feeling of guilt has to place to stay in your life. One way to avoid guilt is to be of good behaviour. Even if being of good behaviour might seem difficult because we are surrounded by bad behaviours, the best route to a peaceful and joyous life is to be of good behaviour. Else, your mind is most likely going to be at unrest. You might find these articles useful. Be a good person and three ways to be a god person.
  • Say the truth and free your mind: Spilling the truth is also a way to free your mind. When you have done something wrong in secret, because it was in secret, it haunts our mind. Being able to have a good communication with someone you have done wrong to or being able to walk peacefully in public without feeling of someone knowing what you have done will be tough. What to do in these situations, is to say the truth and be free.
  • Keep it secret: I believe it’s not everything that everyone should know. There are some things that should be kept secret. Either because it will break them down or break you down. Apart from the break down, you are going to lose respect, love, recognition e.t.c. I’m not encouraging bad behaviours by advising you to keep it a secret but for your own reputation and your own personal growth (To realise your mistake and change).

You might this also find these articles useful. How I managed my depression, how to let go of the past, and guilt,remorse.



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