5 ways Goals Increase your Productivity

person writing on paper

  • Self discipline: Self discipline is very important in every aspect of our lives. Without self discipline, you cannot achieve anything. In achieving your goals, you don’t only achieve them, you also develop the habit of self discipline and improve on the level of your grit. The more you develop the habit of self discipline and grit, the more you perform better. The popular phrase “Practice makes perfect” summaries the above paragraph. With practice comes discipline and grit. Not giving up and not being lazy. With practice comes self discipline and grit which lead to productivity and high performance.
    To be able to control your attitude, thirst, hunger, feelings, where you go, what you do and so on is the foundation of success. Denying yourself of the short term reward and working, waiting for the long term reward is the foundation of success. The reason some achieve more than others in the same pace of time is because they were more self disciplined than the others. Read my post titled the #1 secret to success to know how to be self disciplined
  • Reminder: Goals setting reminds us of our goals that need to be achieved. When you don’t set goals, nothing (no goals) reminds you of what you need to achieve. If you have nothing to remind you to achieve anything, you are not going to be productive. Setting goals remind you of achieving things which then increase your productivity by achieving set goals and future goals.
  • Consistency: Without reminder, consistency cannot exist. Being reminded of your set goals is good but achieving them through consistency is great. Your set goals keep you to be consistent. When you are reminded of your goals, you are reminded to be consistent and to be productive.
  • Punctuality to work: You have no choice but to be punctual to work when you have set goals. Your set goals does not only help your punctuality to those goals but help in other areas of life which increase your productivity level. This point is similar to reminder.
  • Achieving: Lastly, setting goals  increases your chances of making your dreams come through. When you don’t set goals or plan ways to make your dreams become reality, your chances of your dreams coming through is low or almost impossible compared to or not setting goals or planning.

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