God Saves, Forgives and Loves

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God is my best-friend that is your best-friend. God is a best-friend that you don’t know or you know. He is invisible, always with us but we don’t see him. He is a comforter when in need and not in need. Some have met him while some haven’t. When did you meet your best-friend? I met my best-friend 3 years ago, when I wasn’t expecting him, when I felt he might not be real but I was in need. Believing and having faith are the keys to God saving, loving and forgiving us. Even though believing and having faith are the keys to God saving, loving and forgiving, I still felt he might not be real.

In my doubt, disbelieve and also believe in God, in my time of need, God revealed himself to me. When I had a severe mental illness, I prayed, cried, sought for help from doctors, friends and other various places. After a while, I didn’t know who to turn to, knowing fully well that there are no drugs for mental illnesses. In my post titled how I managed my depression, I wrote some of the attitudes I developed to have control over the situation. One attitude I developed that is in the post is patience. Guess what? God is “patience“. In being patient, God found me. What I learnt from being patient is that to feel God’s presence, you “must” be patient. If you notice, most of the time, in being patient, you have control over the situation. When you are patient, God gives strength, resistance, power to rule over your problems and intelligence. You don’t want to miss out on all these goodies accompanied by patience. When you are patient with God, knowingly or unknowingly, he saves, loves and forgives.

When God revealed himself to me, He said I should tell you he is God, he knows you, he is everywhere, he is with you and when you have any problem, just call his name “GOD“. God saved, loved and forgave me. God came to me when I didn’t notice I needed him and I’d always thought he might not be with me but when I felt God’s presence, he said smoothly and softly to me, “I know you, I know what you will do tomorrow, I know what you will do in the next second, I am always with you, I am everywhere, I am always there and always in you”. He can also do this for you. Be patient with him, have faith and believe. I am now a true believer of him with no doubts and disbelieve. Don’t be dissapointed when he doesn’t reveal himself when you need him. The times you think he dissapointed you, are the times you didn’t notice you where actually flourishing better. After I recovered from my mental illness, I noticed I flourished better than when I didn’t have any mental illness. Be patient with him, have faith, believe and see God saving, forgiving and loving you.







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  1. Wow! I am touched by your words. I too struggled with mental illness and God saved me. He took me from that dark place…patience was indeed learnt through this.


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