Your Life or Theirs?


What do you understand by the title of this post? With your understanding, what is your reply to the title question? If you chose your life? Why? And why not theirs? If you chose theirs, Why? And why not yours? Is your life better than theirs or theirs better than yours? Have you defined your life? Have they defined your life? Have they defined their life or you defined it for them? What is the definition of your life and theirs? Most times, people say you should always appreciate yourself and your life but then appreciating another person’s life is not a bad idea because it shows a sign of love. Wanting to have another person’s life is mostly seen as bad but I will say it is bad when you look down on yourself.

Your life or theirs? Why should I have to ask you your life or theirs? If anyone should ask you such a question you should reply asking the person with why are you asking me? Because you need to know and make sure the person is not asking thinking one life is better than the other. You cannot be answering such a question in that perspective but rather motivating the person. That is why we should always be aware about what we are venturing into.

If I’m to ask you to advice me on which to pick between my life or theirs, how will you advice me? Why do I want you to advice me? Because we all need advice, no advice is better than the other. We can all learn from each other. I will appreciate if you can write your advice down in the comment section for me and others to learn after you are done reading my own advice.

Your life should be your first choice because without your life, how will you appreciate another person’s life? Appreciate your life and everything concerning you first. After appreciating and loving your life then you can comfortably appreciate or love another person life. Similar to the explanation I gave in paragraph one, and referring to one of my posts (poem) titled be yourself, I wrote

We are all arts
Every art in the museum has it’s unique beauty
If you don’t represent your uniqueness,
Who will do that for you?

How will your beauty be seen?
We are all beautiful in our own ways
Be yourself
Love everything about you

Nurture your uniqueness,
So the world can see your beauty”

We should cultivate the habit of not comparing one another, making some people feel less than others and others feeling better than others as such behavior can cause depression. Our aim should be eradicating depression and low self-esteem and promoting togetherness, one love, loving each other’s uniqueness for the best living we can ever imagine. It is human to be jealous, think of yours as bad or think of others as better but they are not healthy thoughts for you and also others and such thought does not help in self and society development because such thought can lead to unfavorable behaviours.

Our upbringing from family and society and our natural behaviours greatly has an effect on how we think and understand and that is why we should always develop ourselves frequently to better understand our life and others. Understand and know yourself better, develop yourself physically, mentally and spiritually every day to keep you glowing. To help develop yourself, you can read my post that explains how you can live a life to improve your body, mind and soul how I (to) live a healthy life. Their life is theirs and it is also their responsibility to love, develop and choose their life first so they can also appreciate and love your life.

I will ask you again your life or theirs?

It is not Impossible


While growing up, there were some things I saw as impossible, outrageous or things I might not be able to do e.g having confidence, public speaking, be outspoken or showcasing a work. I want to assume some or most of us are or were like that. I have heard these quotes countless of times “There’s nothing that is impossible” and “You are good enough” but deep down I never really got convinced.

Looking back at how far have gone with this blog, showcasing my work and having confidence, I decided to inspire the world on believing in yourself, not look down on yourself like the way I used to, never think your work will never be good enough, never think you are not good enough or never think you can never achieve what you set your mind to do and nothing is impossible.

Never thought or saw myself as someone that would be a writer or an inspirational writer, I started writing/blogging last year October 28, Now, my blog has 55 followers, getting recognition from different countries and search engines and gets lots of complements which makes me feel happy and proud of myself. I decided/chose not to be scared, timid, care about what people will say or think of my writings negatively. As I started, I was not perfect, still not perfect, no one is perfect. I’m still learning to be better than what I was yesterday and achieve my goals.

It always seems impossible until it is done – Nelson Mandela
To believe a thing is impossible, is to make it so – French Proverbs
We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible.” – Vince Lombardi
The only place where your dream becomes impossible is in your own thinking.” – Robert Schuller

Do it now and be better than yesterday
Never do it and be in regrets.
Nothing is impossible. You can do what ever you set your mind to. You are the best at being you. Nobody can be better at being you.

In one of my posts titled be yourself, I wrote,

“We are all arts
Every art in the museum has it’s unique beauty
If you don’t represent your uniqueness,
Who will do that for you?”

I hope with this write up, I have been able to convince you that you can achieve anything you dream of, you are good enough and nothing is impossible.

Wake Up!!!

wake up

Sometimes we are in the light but we are in the dark, sometimes we are in the dark but truly in the light.
Sometimes life can put us in a situation we are happy with and also put us in a situation we are not happy with.
Sometimes we are happy for what we have but they are not want we want or need and sometimes sad we don’t have enough but we don’t know we have all we need.
We think we are awake but we are sleeping.
Wake up and stop sleeping
where are you?
Is that where you wish or want to be?
Is that where you are suppose to be?
Make sure you know where you are
Make sure you know you are happy for the right things i.e things you wish, want , expect or comfortable with.
Never be in the dark instead be aware.
That way, the control of your life is in your hands and not in another man’s, constant happiness and peace of mind because you are doing what you want, wish and comfortable with.

The Philosophy of Living


If you think you are pretty, and someone doesn’t say you are pretty but tells another person that he/she is pretty and you think that person that’s being complimented is not pretty. What if you are being crushed on or loved without knowing? You applied for a job, but didn’t get through the test stage but you are a perfect fit for that job. If living is like this, why do we worry?

Since we are different, some of us might just like worrying which will allow me to write that caring people might just be wasting their time caring for people that like worrying because they don’t know they like worrying.

We don’t know anything
We know everything
We are just living our best lives.

In-front of the Back


If I give you something as a form of love based of friendship, will you take it or reject it? And why?
What will you think of me?
Can you give something based on friendship? And why?
What will you think of yourself?
If what you are giving out, is rejected or accepted, what will you think of that person?
Before you were given birth to, could you think?
We were not alive before birth
Now we are living
Someday we will all die
And we will live after dead
We are infront
We are at the back
We are back to the front
We are infront of the back


The Psychology Of Money


On my way back from a supermarket, I saw a friend of mine who stays on my street and was also going to his home. That made us stroll together to our various homes.
I can’t vividly remember how we got to this conversation but it went like this. He said, Tayo, there was a time I and some of my friends made some money and we decided to go out, eat, catch some fun, drink and enjoy ourselves to the fullest. I smiled and said okay, then what happened? He said he didn’t know how the money finished and how they didn’t save anything for other expenses. He ended the conversation saying it was that day I knew money could make you mad. I giggled. I assumed he meant when you have money, you won’t know how to control yourself.
Then it occurred to me that without money, you cannot live, If I’m wrong, ideas are welcomed in the comment section. But I advice you read this to the end before any disagreements.
Without money, you can’t have clothes. Without money, you can’t eat. Without money, you can’t have a building to live in. Without money, you can’t have soap to bath. Even if these things can be given to you free, without money nobody can have them. Not being without money, can kill you because you won’t have access to food and water. Money buys almost everything around you except your body, soul, mind and air. If money controls your existence then money can make you mad.
But nonetheless, the fact that money can do all these things, does not mean money should control you.
Make money and don’t let money make you.

The Psychology Of Love

Why do you love something?
Love is the mental connection to a thing.
When you love something, it means your brain arouses towards that thing.
Why does your brain arouse towards that thing?
Would you wish you could select what your brain arouse to?
Would you wish your brain never arouse for something?
In a nutshell, to love is not a good neither is it a bad.
Its either you are loving, not loving, being loved or not being loved.
Which one do you fit in?

My 1st Sunday Of 2018 Experience


I was unable to post this two days ago which was the 1st Sunday of 2018 because I adjusted the days in which I post here.
Because it was 1st Sunday of 2018, I wore what I thought was the most beautiful cloth in my closet. One of Nigeria’s Native attires, A cream iro and buba that has touches of purple in a flowery form. The iro looks like a wrapper that is usually wrapped over the buba which is the top (The buba which is a bit free, round neck and long sleeve) on the waist flowing down to your feet. I matched my attire with cream court heels.

On getting to the church which is 5mins drive from where I live,  I began to see people who were probably dressed for Sunday service looking happy. As I stepped into the church, An usher ordered me upstair because the main auditorium was already full which is unusual when I’m just 10mins late Continue reading

My Butterfly


I was sitting alone in a garden when I saw a black butterfly with touches of blue that perched by my side which I payed no attention to. 5 minutes later, the butterfly flew and perched on a stone a bit distant behind me. The urge to pay attention to the butterfly was there but I was too busy to do that.

Before I knew it, I found my self playing around with the butterfly. When I try to move, the butterfly flies away. Some times it would come close to me when I don’t move. Then I would move a little for it to fly away. I played like that with the butterfly until it flew away with no trace of it and I went back to my work. Before I could start working, I saw the butterfly coming towards my direction in which it perched by my side again.

If the butterfly was a human being, It would be a best friend I would love to have.

When Monsters Cry


Throughout my entire life, I have not heard any rule that states that crying is not for monsters but I have heard that monsters should not cry.
I think monster cry when they feel powerless.
To feel powerless is to feel like you’re nothing.
Why should they cry?
Are they nothing?
To feel nothing is to feel something.
If to feel nothing is to feel something,
Should they still feel powerless?



The least cherish-able love
The most respected love
The most needed but selfishness pushes it away
A friendship love is one that comforts the mind
To be comforted by the love of friendship is important because of it unique way of making you feel alive
To feel alive is to feel great, appreciated, loved, content…..

How To Think Like A Man

In my opinion, the common upbringing which is the woman should keep her self and the men our bread winner and our head is making the men think they are superior to us women.
How do you think when you are superior to something?
The way someone thinks when they are superior to something is the way men think.




To laugh is a good thing but having to laugh for the rest of your life non-stop might be a bit tiring or you might be tagged with different names but can this observation tell me that too much good can be bad?
The period in which you are laughing is a period of contentment with the world but most importantly with yourself
To be content is priceless and if laughing can make you content would you love laughing?


Everything we do is luck.
You have control over nothing
Scientists predict, they don’t know neither can they control, they assume.
Luck put you where you are now
Because of these observations, does that mean you are a fool/idiot for luck? Or luck is laughing at you?
No, Why?
Because if you listen attentively, you’ll hear luck telling you to please unlock me by putting your faith in the Almighty God.



Having to choose between two different equal things can be very difficult. It is now quite obvious that one of them will not be yours.
I can tell you that those options, if they have choices they would want to be your priority or not in your option list. During the choosing period, you should know that your feelings are being toiled with and what is yours can never be taken away from you.
Make a random selection to the best of your ability and know that, that was meant for you.